Walter Marin

Walter Marin, Crocetta del Montello (TV) 1957. he He graduated from the Art School of Treviso and enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Venice, which he left after two years to enter the world of work. After a long pause for reflection in which his artistic awareness matures, he enrolls at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and becomes a pupil of Emilio Vedova. It is a new genesis, here begins his personal artistic journey that pushes him to deepen different expressive techniques, from black and white to color, from graphics to painting. The continuous research of him allows him to range from watercolor, to fresco or dry, to oil on canvas, to which is added the experimentation on different materials including resins, stuccos, precious woods and gilding. There are many works that tell the artist, from the rediscovery of the classics, to the sacred theme with the visions of Christ, to natural landscapes and industrial archeology, social themes and music, with which he maintains a strong bond in the paintings in which they relive the environments and the protagonists of music from jazz to progressive rock. He has exhibited in many national and international galleries, some of his works are present in national museums and foundations. It is included in the most important Italian art catalogs and international collections, as well as in various national art publications. He lives and works in Istrana (Treviso).

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2020  12/12 - 17/12 “The Red Room” Web - Art Gallery - Treviso
          31/10 - 11/11 “Birdland” Wiki Art Gallery - Bologna
          4/09 - 2/10 “Birdland” Galleria Govetosa - Padua
2019  La Telaccia Gallery - Turin
          7/09 - 22/10 Wiki Art Gallery - Bologna
          Solo Jazz Biblioteca Universitaria S.Leonardo - Treviso
          “The Impressions of Walter Marin. Memories of the landscape - Ca 'Celsi ”- Istrana
          “Visual Impressions” 47 Anno Domini - Treviso
2018  27/10 - 9/11 “Elusive essence“ Galleria Farini - Bologna
2017  “Story of a Visionary” Casa Dei Carraresi - Treviso
          “Models” Palazzo Beltramini Seat of the Municipality of Asolo
          “Land of Salento” Stables of the Castle of the Gallone Tricase - Lecce
          Altstadt Galerie Gmund in Kartnen - Austria
          “Picture at an exhibition” - Round Church of Badoere - Treviso
          “The Tower of Memory” - Municipal Tower Mestre - Venice
          “Jazz Casa dei Carraresi” - Treviso
          "Cupid and Psyche: the rediscovered beauty Provvederia" Mestre - Venice
          “Ultimate Deception. Works - installations - Shoah ”- Church-Rotonda Badoere -Treviso
          “From the Sile to the Cagnan” Cloister of San Francesco - Treviso
          “The colors of Jazz” - Chiesetta dell'Angelo Bassano - Vicenza
          “Beyond - The Visions of Christ” - Herrath Gallery - Trieste
2016  “Jazz” - San Gregorio Church - Treviso
          “Homo Faber” Lazzari Space - Treviso
2015  “Kairos” Civic Tower Mestre - Venice
          “Cronos” Gallery 0422 - Treviso
          “Sound Works” Villa Orsini Scorzè - Venice
          “Musicians” Caffè Centrale Asolo - Treviso
          “Canova” Central Coffee Asolo - Treviso
          “Essemusic” Montebelluna - Treviso
          “Art Function” Palazzo Moretti - Treviso
2013  “Forme d'Arte” Umberto Primo - Treviso
          Sarcinelli Conegliano Palace - Treviso
          “Jazz International Art View” - Vienna
          “A casa Robegan” - Treviso
2012  “l'Isola” - Municipality of Tricase - Lecce
          "Istrana in the memory" Villa Conte Lattes - Istrana - Treviso
          “Portraits of jazz” Castello Roncade - Roncade - Treviso
2011  “Portraits of jazz” Alexander Palace Museum - Pesaro
          “Jazz” Cultural Institute - Cologne
          “10 works with a musical theme” Cultural Institute - Munich
          "From the Lagoon Roman holidays" Galleria ’Agostiniana - Rome
          "Travel Notes" gallery "Metropolitan Art" - Lecce
2009  "Metropolitan Art" Music and landscape - Lecce
2004  “Travel Notes” Palazzo Gallone Tricase - Lecce
2002  “Il portico” Gallery - Treviso
1998  “Astori” Theater - Treviso
1982  “Lo scrigno” Gallery - Treviso
1982  “The Boy” Gallery - Treviso
1981  “Lo scrigno” Gallery - Treviso

Awards and art fairs:

2020  21-23 / 08 International art 3f fair Monaco Principality of Monaco - WikiArte Gallery 2020 15th Art Dolomites - 2nd Prize Painting Section - Longarone sections
2020  Galileo Galilei Award - City of Pisa - Department of Culture - First prize painting section - work "The language of the Universe"
2019  XXXVII Florence Prize - Fiorino Oro - Publiacqua Special Prize with the work L'Isola dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci
2019  Paratissima Torina - Wiki Arte Galleria Art fair
          Magmma Marchionni Prize (Birdland finalist work) - La Ghironda Museum - Bologna
          Magmma Marchionni Award (among the 20 finalist Manet Award artists)
          Arte Laguna International Award - Venice Arsenal (Painting section among the 30 finalist artists)
2018  19 October Lifetime Achievement Award - Chamber of Deputies Montecitorio Rome
          40th Edition of Art Expo New York (19-22 April 2018)
          Exhibition Arte Inn Fair (25-28 January) - La telaccia Art Gallery (TO)
2017  XXXV Florence Prize - Silver Florin 2nd prize ex aequo Painting section - Salone Cinquecento Palazzo Vecchio Florence
          Padua Art Fair
          Parma Art Fair
2013  “6 Sound Works” at Romaart Biennale Roma
2013  ArteinFiera Dolomiti Sound Works 1st Prize Painting Longarone - Belluno
1989  First National Prize Painting and Graphics Palazzo Trecento Treviso


2020  Woman Art Expo - Cortina - Venice - Treviso Collective art: Web Art Gallery
          01 - 10/05 Collective Moderne Wunderkammer Palazzo della Loggia Noale (Ve)
          7 - 13 February Premio della Lupa (exhibited by M. Callas - Butterfly) Spazio Medina - Rome
          7.02 - 16/08 I mille di Sgarbi - II Edition - Ciasa de Ra Regoles Cortina d'Ampezzo Expo Bologna 2020 - Wiki Arte - Gallery exhibits Keith Jarret Bologna
          Top 13 Collective art - Web Art Gallery - Treviso
2019  Beyond the Silk Road - Villa Farsetti - S. Maria di Sala (Ve)
          3rd Venice Biennale - Villa Badoer Fratta Polesine - Rovigo
          Marchionni Prize exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art - La Ghironda Bologna
          Alchemy of art - Cathedral of the former slaughterhouse of Padua 13 / 06-21 / 07 - Padua
          I Mille di Sgarbi, The Salt Warehouses (D. Gilmour and Chet Baker) 31 / 05- 9/06 - Cervia Villa Cidro Museum of art and graphics - Villacidro
          Sensi Cultural Institute of Stockholm 9-16 and 17-24 May - Stockholm
          At the roots of the human - Casa Cava - Matera
          Watt 37 Exhibition Space 28-03 30-03 - Milan
          Art Hill Gallery - London (Farini Gallery - Bologna) (4.03-12.03)
          European Excellence Award - Palazzo Velli - Expo - Rome (27.02-3.03)
          Art Expo Bologna - Through Mucha's eyes - Wiki Art Gallery - Bologna
          Cinema: "Between Art and Visions" NG New Art Palazzo Ferrajoli - Rome
          Farini Gallery London Prize - Bologna
2018  International Exhibition in Paris - Farini Gallery (15-20 December)
2018-2019 XXXVI Florence Prize - Salone Cinquecento - Exhibition Prize - Palazzo Bastogi headquarters of the Regional Council of - Tuscany
          Toy Museum Palazzo Rospigliosi - Zagarolo - Rome
          Hotel Majestic Baglioni - Farini Gallery 10-30 November - Bologna
          Europe Pavilion - Palazzo Albrizzi Capello - Venice
          Castello Catajo - exhibits "Amore" dedicated to Canova Battaglia Terme (PD)
          Palazzo di Francia - sound works - C. Baker, Assolo, B.Evans - Treviso
          Antica Saliera - Art Gallery exhibits "Riflessi in Laguna" October - Lecce
          8th Biennial of art in Montecarlo Galleria la Telaccia - Principality of Monaco
          Coningsby Gallery - exhibits "Tourneé" and "Jam in the street" October - London
          ArtHill Gallery exhibits "Jam in the street" - October - London
          Farini Gallery London - Chet Baker and Ballerina - September - Bologna
          R8 Casa dei Carraresi September 1-9 - Treviso
          Villa Ariston - Farini Gallery August 4-20 - Opatija Croatia
          Pure White Arte in Ostuni Palazzo Tanzarella 15-21 July - Ostuni
          Working, thinking, seeing Galleria Rosso Cinabro July - Rome
          Tele in viaggio - Trevisani nel Mondo Association - June Vancouver
          Arte Borgo Gallery Arte Libera tutti - Promarte - June-July Rome
          Art Hill Gallery from Bologna to London - Farini Gallery June - London
          “Riflessi” Wiki Arte Gelleria June-July - Bologna
          “Sconfini” Scuola Grande di San Teodoro S. Marco June - Venice
          Wiki Art Gallery - Art Experience II - Bologna
          Bellman Gallery (February 16-22) - Stockholm
          5th Base Gallery (January 29 - February 7) - London
          Timeless Venice - Galleria S. Vidal San Zaccaria - Venice
          Love that everything moves Wiki Arte - Bologna
2017  Invisible Universes La Pigna Gallery - Palazzo Maffei-Marescotti - Rome
          Seventh contemporary art review Casa dei Carraresi - Treviso
          Expression to two C. Madejski and Walter Marin P. zza S. Parisio - Treviso
          The spell of art Ex-Umberto Primo - Treviso
2016  Collective exhibition "Expression a 3" Galleria Bailo Mogliano - Veneto
2013  Collective exhibition "The Portrait" - "Sala d'Arme" Porta Santi Quaranta - Treviso
          Sarcinelli Conegliano Palace - Treviso
          Collective " Magmma Marchionni Prize (Birdland finalist work) - La Ghironda Museum - Bologna
          2013 Collective exhibition "The Portrait" - "Sala d'Arme" Porta Santi Quaranta - Treviso
          Sarcinelli Conegliano Palace - Treviso
          Collective “31 ° Collective Exhibition Association of Trevigiani Artists” Casa Robegan -Treviso
2010  Collective exhibition “La Scoletta” Marostica - Vicenza
          Collective Museum S.Caterina - Treviso
2009  Collective exhibition “The other invisible heroes” Filanda di Soncino - Cremona
          Collective exhibition “La Gioconda in my way” - Istrana
          Collective Installations "The essences of the park" Villa Letizia - Treviso
          Collective exhibition "Dance Steps" in the Museum of Pescia - Pistoia
          Collective "Dance Steps" in Villa Letizia - Treviso
2008  Collective exhibition "To not forget Vajont 45 years later" Palazzo Mazzola 'Longarone (BL)
1990  Collective exhibition Asolo Treviso

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