WELCOME to the ArtOnline20 VIP CLUB

The VIP CLUB was created to retain our collectors by immediately offering at no cost a series of privileges, personalized treatments, reserved discounts and in particular:

  •      An invitation to the vernissage of all the Public and Private Art EVENTS organized by ArtOnline20 and the Mazzoleni Foundation.
  •      The opportunity to meet the artists present and take a selfie with them.
  •      The possibility during the event to receive a catalog that can be autographed by the artists present.
  •      To receive a VIP CARD which also includes a DISCOUNT COUPON worth € 300 which can only be used for the purchase of a work worth more than € 2,000, on sale an External Event or in an ArtOnline Virtual Gallery.
  •      The member of the VIP CLUB, who will give away Gift Cards, will be credited with an amount equal to 20% of the value of the Gift Cards given on his VIP CARD.   
  •      The amount accumulated in the VIP CARD can only be spent at a fixed amount of € 300, which can be discounted from a work worth more than € 2,000.
  •      The VIP CARD cannot be used if there are other promotions.

If you want to know all the other discounts reserved for VIP CLUB members, fill out your  form:

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