Vincenzo Presenti.

On 5 September 1964 Vincenzo Maurizio Presenti was born in Catania, Italy, from parents of humble origins. His father Umberto, a painter and decorator, and his mother, Antonietta Tuzza, a housewife. From 1969 to 1974 he attended the municipal schools of Catania and, once he obtained his elementary school certificate, he continued with the state middle school in Catania. He continues his studies at the Liceo Artistico Statale in Catania, where he begins to distinguish himself for his artistic and creative skills, and in 1982 he obtains the artistic high school diploma.

In 1982 he enrolled in the first year of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Palermo and in 1988 he participated in the first Architecture and Design competitions open to students, including: 1987- 1988 Koizumi - Japan - International Lighting Design Competition, Kortrijk - Belgium - INTERIOR 88 “Design for Europa”, University of Rome “La Sapienza” - Redevelopment of a degraded urban space, Brakel - Germany - Molded Plywood Parts for Forniture Designs.

In 1989, to complete the compulsory draft, Presenti interrupted the university and enlisted as an auxiliary agent in the State Police.



In 1990 he already returned to Catania, after being discharged. He then resumed his studies and graduated in Architecture presenting as a final paper a thesis entitled "The site of battle of Waterloo", inspired by the competition of ideas on the site of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. In the autumn of 1990 he got married and settled permanently in Catania.

The formative years.

After the placements in the competitions of Rome and Koizumi (Japan) open to students, in 1991 he returned to the city of his birth, in Catania, and decided to follow his artistic vocation and devote himself only to architectural planning and design. He therefore sets up on his own, opening a studio in Catania, and begins work as a freelancer, whose production is focused on participation in competitions for ideas, including:

1991 - 2000 Nara - Japan - Nara Convention Hall; Japan Another Glass House; Europan - Italy - At home in the city. Urbanize residential districts; Berlin - Germany - The Spreebogen urban design ideas competition; Ittiri (SS) - Italy - Recovery of the former Odeon cinema; Bergamo - Italy - Go up the city of Bergamo Bassa - Bergamo Alta; Gela (CL) - Italy - One street, three squares; Lodivecchio (MI) - Italy - First work, design of a building with 12 apartments; Teramo - Italy - Casa Melatino restoration project; Kortrijk - Belgium - INTERIOR 96 “Design for Europa”; Lualdi Porte (MI) - Italy - From door to door.

In 1995, he designed a new model of interior aluminum door called "ALA", filed the project with the "ITALIAN PATENT OFFICE", and in 1998, thanks to a startup in the window and door sector, he created the prototype, which was subsequently industrialized and marketed .



In 2001 he changed his perspective and dedicated himself to freelance, no longer understood as an artistic production, but as a technical consultant. Between 2001 and 2008 he worked for a construction company.

Architectural and figurative experiments.

Towards the middle of 2006, again in Catania, he began to create his first pictorial works, with the aim of producing new forms of art using a composite technique, consisting of a base of acrylic tempera spread on a surface of applied gypsum paste. with a spatula on a wooden board, such as to create a material background, and figurative elements made with the use of oil pastels.


                      Spreading plaster paste                                                   Bottom with acrylic tempera                                             The use of oil pastels


In the spring of 2006 he separated from his wife and in 2007 he met his partner and settled in Zafferana Etnea.

In continuous research, since 2006 he has dedicated himself with particular intensity to painting, working intensely. 2007 is a year full of significant events for Presenti, with the participation in some exhibitions.

He participates in the Art & fortE stArt Biennale in Venice, presenting the work entitled "La donna" (2006), which arouses keen interest. Subsequently he participates in the Biennale FreeArte contemporary art exhibition in Rome, it is here that the artist exhibits "Natura morta" (2006), a work reviewed by the art critic Livio Garbuglia "The painting of Presenti is interesting for its weight and body of the figure-objects in the foreground. The imaginative architect finds the meaning of his inner world in the simple everyday reality, building a vibrant vision of love and full of memories. The cut of the frame is striking in the paintings: everything is represented as in a subtle visual and psychological game of annotations of truth and memories ". Finally, he participates in the SaturARTE2007 XIIth National Competition of Contemporary Art, presenting the work entitled "flowers and hands" (2007).


- Mondadori event space - Venice - Italy. Art & fortE stArt Biennale Title: "The woman" (2006)

- Il Canovaccio Gallery - Antonio Canova Studio - Rome - Italy. Biennale FreeArte contemporary art exhibition.

- Saturated Culture Association - Genoa - Italy. SaturARTE2007 - XII ° National Contemporary Art Competition.                                                                                                                                                  


In 2008 some of his works were published in some sector magazines:

- AKKADEMIA 2008 - Yearbook of visual art profiles and quotes - "Artists from 1900 to today".

- The Elite - Art Selection - Historical art yearbook of the best Italian artists representing contemporary art.

Moved by creative momentum, in 2016 and 2017 Presenti participated in various architectural competitions, during which he deepened his research into space. The period ends with his participation in the Milanosesto competition on the “former Falck and railway yard areas”.

2016 - 2017

Genoa - Italy - Blueprint Competition - Restructuring of the ex Fiera del Mare areas in Genoa; Seriate (BG) - Italy - Redevelopment of the historic center of Seriate; Marina di Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy - Versiliana Foundation - Meetings at the Café in the Villa della Versiliana - Construction of a light roof; Mondadori Group - Italy Concept for new stores - Guidelines for Megastore, Bookstore and Point; Industrial Union of Turin - Italy - renovation and enhancement of the headquarters of the Industrial Union; MILANOSESTO (MI) - Italy - Building for affiliated residences as part of the Masterplan "Ex Falck areas and railway yard".

In 2016, after a long pause, the experiments continue with the creation of various pictorial works, Presenti conceives a new type of work, with an iconographic renewal.


    “Il vaso di fiori” –  2016 – private collection                              “Il moro ed il cavaliere” –  2017                                    “Il borgo di Ognina” –  2017 – private collection -  size 130x60 cm

                        size  90 x 70 cm                                                   private collection -  size  80 x 60 cm                       

Fully set in Zafferana Etnea, his activity as a painter is increasingly intense. From the contact with artists and intellectuals and from the new research ideas that he breathes, he resumes his activity as a painter, attracting the attention of critics.

In 2019 he meets the art critic Melinda Miceli and today he is the closest person artistically, in addition to acting as a supervisor on each work he has made available all his great knowledge of the artistic and academic world, it is thanks to her that Presenti is having a rapid artistic evolution. In the same year, thanks to her friend and art critic Melinda Miceli, she participated in the international edition of "Certamen - Urbs et civitas" on the great Western cathedrals, held at the "Elio Vittorini House Museum and Siracusa Civic Library", it is here that the artist exhibits “The Cathedral and the Paladin” (2019), a work reviewed by the art critic Melinda Miceli. Also in 2019, inspired by the reviews obtained, he participates in the collective "MASTERFUL WORK - ART EXHIBITION", held at the "Contea Caravaggio Museum" of SG La Punta, it is here that the artist exhibits "La Medusa" (2019), a work reviewed by art critic Melinda Miceli.


- Elio Vittorini House Museum and Syracuse Civic Library - International "Certamen - Urbs et civitas" on the great cathedrals of the West. Title: "The cathedral and the paladin" (2019)

- County Caravaggio Museum - S. G. La Punta. MASTERFUL WORK - ART EXHIBITION. Title: "The Medusa" (2019)

 In 2020 some of his works are published in some sector magazines.

- ASBA Magazine 2020 - Series - Art itineraries

- The art of the twentieth century - Historic art yearbook


- Encyclopedia of Italian Art

  Exhibition at: Villa Luppis, Villa Tacchi, Villa Condulmer, Villa Ducale, Villa Condulmer, Villa Barbieri, Villa Pigalle.

- Federico II Prize - Figurative art


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