Valeria Bergami.

Valeria Bergami, was born in Bologna in 1961. After graduating from classical high school, she studied law at the University of Bologna and, at the same time, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where the free school of the nude is located. She also follows private lessons under the guidance of prof. Emilio Contini and the illustrious painter Norma Mascellani (former student of the great master Giorgio Morandi).

From 1994 to 2001 she  created with her  artworks at Villa Aldrovandi-Mazzacorati, numerous sets for events promoted by the Art and Culture of the eighteenth century association.

She  has taken part in numerous collective  exhibitions in Rome and in various European countries (London, Brussels, Madrid, Paris) organized by the II Ponte gallery in Rome.

Her artworks are kept in private and public collections. Valeria Bergami has been reported in many competitions: second prize (Silver medal in 2003), fifth prize (in 2004), fourth prize (in 2008), plaque of the Presidency of Merit (in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011) to the international competition organized by the A.I.A.M. (International Academy of Modern Art) in Rome.

She  enjoyed the esteem of the professor and art critic Federico Zeri, with whom you had a close correspondence with letters. Professor Vittorio Sgarbi complimented the artist for the beauty and the executive commitment of her artworks.

Bergami's artworks are present at the Marconi Foundation (portrait of Guglielmo Marconi 2001), at the Teatro Duse in Bologna (portrait of Eleonora Duse) and at the University of Bologna (portraits of poets and writers present in Bologna in the 1700s) etc.

Latest Solo Exhibitions:

- Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati in Bologna 1994.

- "Il Punto" Gallery Bologna 1996.

- Palasport of Casalecchio di Reno (Bo), on the occasion of the 1996 International Show Jumping Competition.

- Gallery of the Artistic Circle of Bologna 2001.

- Pink Room of the Municipality of Budrio (BO) 2010.

- Presence with personal stand at the Isabella d'Este Competition, at the Ferrara Exhibition and Congress Center 2021.

- Presence with work at the Milano Art Gallery for collective exhibitions "Love in Art" (February 2022) and "Poetry in Art" (March 2022).

- Group exhibition scheduled in Spoleto in July 2022.

The Artist has been selected for inclusion in the Catalog "ARTISTI 2022" and "ARTISTI SDOGANATI" by Vittorio Sgarbi. Both texts will be released in autumn 2022.

Currently the artist relies on the NAPOLI NOSTRA Association, the EA EDITORE Publishing House in Palermo and the ART GALLERY Association in Bassano del Grappa for exhibitions, competitions and publications.


Portrait of Guglielmo Marconi by the Bolognese painter Valeria Bergami, for the Marconi Foundation (province of Bologna) on the occasion of the 1st Transoceanic Transmission (1901-2001).

Mention of the event reported in the newspaper "Il Resto del Carlino" and printing of a commemorative postcard by the Philatelic Circle of Sasso Marconi (BO).

In the picture:

eng. Cutter,

the painter V. Bergami,

Princess Elettra Marconi with her son Prince Giovannelli.

Between romanticism and classic references.

The artworks of Valeria Bergami take us back to a world now distant, they make us emerge from the century of information technology, instant communication, optical fibers and intrusive media. Her paintings have the power to cancel the present century and millennium for a moment. The brightness and sharpness of Valeria Bergami's artworks, the fluidity and harmony evoke fantastic journeys into a past that the artist longs for and that she in turn transmits to us in a contagious way. All this is to be ascribed to the clarity of the pictorial language, the meticulous attention to detail, the chromatic sensitivity that leads the artist to search for nuances. The portraits become characters and historical situations and the iconography that at first sight may appear traditional denotes wide spaces of originality. The presence of the landscape always appears with discretion, as an accessory and an integral part at the same time. Her portraits are the result of artistic sensitivity but also of the fulfillment of a path of research and cultural elaboration. Between romanticism and classic references, between Renaissance references and neo-classicism between traditional techniques and bright and sunny colors, Valeria Bergami obtains the result of a high communicative potential and a contemplative enjoyment. The artist's personality manages to impose itself, with technique and courage, even in this arduous artistic segment which is portraiture.

Extract from the critical text by Marco Poli.


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