Stefano D'acunto.

Born in Turin on January 2, 1973, he received his first artistic training at the Gobetti Marchesini institute for advertising graphics.

His education received an abrupt halt in 1990 when, following constant differences with the teachers, he left the institute. He will no longer resume "academic" studies. This choice will lead him to embark on an individual artistic path characterized by a profound comparison with the greats of the Renaissance, Mannerism and Italian Baroque who will define the typical characters of his pictorial art.

In the nineties he executed many wall works in the center of Turin for various private clients.

In 1998, due to a strong artistic crisis, he moved from Turin to Buccino, a small town in the province of Salerno, his family's country of origin. The parish priest commissions the painting of the Holy Immaculate Conception from the young artist, now preserved in the church of Santa Croce in Buccino. Subsequently he begins a fruitful collaboration with the local diocese that will see him decorate the vault of the Sanctuary of the S.S. Immaculate and various decorations in the Mother Church always in Buccino. Recently he painted the apse wall and the arches of the new church in the municipality of Romagnano al Monte (SA). In 2001 he opened his own workshop located in the historic center until 2019.

He currently works in his studio in Cosenza where he realizes his works.

2000: exhibits a work depicting Mary Immaculate in the church of S. Croce in Buccino (SA) subsequently purchased by the local diocese which still preserves it today.

2001: Paints the vault of the sanctuary of the Holy Immaculate Conception of Buccino (SA)

2004: the last decoration of the entire sanctuary of the Holy Immaculate Conception of which he had painted the vault.

2005: decorates the apsidal wall on the occasion of the new construction of the church of Romagnano al monte (SA) and the side arches of the central nave.

2006: he creates a mural painting inside the chapel in the Mesarico Buccino district (SA), depicting the Christ in the olive garden.

2007: makes the portrait of Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of a special edition of a Lombard periodical.

2012: he paints a 5 x 4 meter canvas depicting the coronation of the Virgin for the Church of the Incoronata in Ricigliano (SA).



2003: collective exhibition of painting organized for charitable purposes with a free theme in the province of Salerno.

2007: collective exhibition held in the ancient Villa Forcella in the historic center of Buccino in which he exhibits the portrait of Pope John Paul II which in 2009 will be donated as a tribute to the Vatican.

2008: personal exhibition held on the occasion of the religious festival of the diocese of Salerno with a sacred theme held inside the Marian sanctuary in the municipality of Buccino, in which several works of a sacred nature are exhibited including an altarpiece depicting the madonna and four saints.

2009: semifinalist with the work "Narciso" at the Spazio Arte competition, La Cornice gallery, Paderno Dugnano (MI).

2009: collective at the international Volturno Morani prize "the painting of the Sacred" Palazzo Dei Pico, Mirandola (MO)

2010: collective exhibition at Santa Teresa Art gallery, Fano (PU).

2011: biennial visual arts III art collecting trophy, Portovenere.

2012: collective exhibition at the ancient hotel villa Eliceto, Buccino (SA)

2012: collective at the 16th edition, the ancient village, former convent of Abate Conforti, Giffoni Sei Casali (SA) relives.

2015: collective exhibition “Premio Capitolium 2015” (Sale del Bramante) - Rome

2016: collective exhibition “Premio Capitolium 2016” (Sale del Bramante) - Rome

2018-2019: collective exhibition of the Academic Center Maison D'Art Padua (various locations)


2009: publication of the work "Narciso" in the catalog "first prize Spazio Arte" at the La Cornice gallery.

2009: publication of the work "The Transfiguration" in the catalog "Volturno Morani International Prize".

2010: publication of the work "Victorious Love" in the catalog "Energy of the Soul" Santa Teresa Gallery.

2011: Publication on page 326, on the catalog "Art collectors 2011" effeci editions of art, tenth edition.

2013: Publication on page 245 of the work "The Gypsy" and "Temptation of Justice" in the encyclopedia "Leaders protagonists of the new avant-gardes 2013" in Masters of the century, EA EDITORE

2016: publication in the Arte in Cammino catalog "Premio Capitolim" 2016 with the work "The Gypsy".

2020: publication in the bimonthly "Icon Art Magazine" year 3 n ° 5 - 6

2021: publication in the bimonthly magazine “Icon Art Magazine” year 4 n ° 1-2-3 -4

2021: publication in the auction catalog "Art Code" PrinceGroup n ° 3-4-5-6-7-8

2021: publication in the volume "At the time of the Coronavirus" with the work "The Little Achilles"

SKIRA publishing house.


2011: Critics' Prize at the Biennale Visual Art III trophy for art collecting 2011.

2013: “The masters of the century” award by EA Editore Palermo.

2018 inclusion for "artistic merits" in the historical archive of Italian art of the "Maison d'Art Academic Center" (Padua)


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Lorenzo Fattori "in his work (Amore Vincitore), re-elaborates the iconography of Caravaggio, transforming the angel into an irreverent urchin".

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