Stefania Colombo.

Born in Tradate on 25 April 1963.
She graduated from the Art School, Brera Academy, Scenography course.
" I have always been involved in the design and preparation of events in the Fashion industry and for private events, parallel to the profession I have carried on in private the passion for painting, acrylic and oil, preferring Classical Art, as a study and a contemplative ideal that for me must never be lacking, and finding today the compromise with the modern language of art with the works of the Past Continuos Series where one finds herself accused of the ideal of beauty and at the same time a rewriting of it in a contemporary expressive form, the intent is to give life with the Past Continuos series to a continuous work of expressive research through the same subject."

To date I have participated in some competitions such as:
2020 Luxemburg Art Price
2020 Cairo Award
2021 Arte Laguna Price
2021 Luxemburg Art Price
2021 Isabella D 'Este Art Price (Ferrara)

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