Sergio Brambillasca.

He was born in Vimercate on February 19, 1963. His talent for art emerged from the early years of lower school, after completing his first studies, he attended the artistic high school in Bergamo where he deeply appreciates Professor Tibaldi's figure course, very important for the his artistic training and for the completion of his moral value in the aesthetic and stylistic component. He loves classical masters but is attentive to contemporary education, he looks at the works of the Piazzetta and the views of the canal, the Lombard nineteenth century and the cinematographic works of Hopper. He abandons the artistic high school due to a lack of attendance and the lack of interest developed in the humanities, thus enrolling in the Mosè Bianchi technical institute in Monza. After completing his high school studies, he attended the faculty of architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, where he learned the balance and symmetry in the composition of the different geometric shapes. He began his work training in the technical design studios, paying attention to new trends, with an eye for minimalism and deconstructivism, currents that will influence his painting in the composition of subjects and scenes. He attends Professor Zimmaro's architecture studio in Milan, where, next door, he meets the illustrator Bodini who transmits his love for images and comics to him. He makes space in the comic book environment, works in the advertising sector as a freelance and publishes books, sketchbooks, political satire in national newspapers and in 2017 the cover of AS Art-Visual Art magazine of contemporary international is dedicated to him.

Sergio Brambillasca has been present on the art scene for many years, in the composition of his works he uses different materials and techniques: oil, acrylic, electronic graphics, he sculpts and works the material to give shape to the sculpture. In the sacred environment, his works are permanent in the oratory dedicated to Sant’Erasmo in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the hospital chapel of Rapallo and inside the church of Sant 'Eusebio in Agrate Brianza. In recent years he has exhibited exclusively in solo exhibitions in the locations of: Bienno, Porto Viro, Sanremo, Bellagio (Rockefeller Foundation), Lecco, Santa Margherita Ligure, Milan and Cremona (Galleria Acerbi).

He currently collaborates with the artistic director Antonio Acerbi of the homonymous Gallery. In Cremona he met the art historian Rodolfo Bona, collaborator of Professor Vittorio Sgarbi during the preparation of the exhibition "Il Regime dell'Arte" (The exhibition, never set up before, traces the historical story of the Cremona Prize. wanted by Roberto Farinacci in 1939 with the intention of supporting the idea of ​​art as a celebration of the values ​​and enterprises of fascism, in support of the ideological propaganda needs of the regime, an exhibition hosted by the Civic Museum of Cremona). Recently in his artistic career he sinks his studies in conceptual art, using symbolism as a means of expression. An introverted artist and driver of his imprint, Sergio Brambillasca is always in search of the magical introspective world, where he finds the transformation of visual art, shaping the form and the material to give the observer the opportunity to glimpse the atmosphere in his paintings and drawings more suggestive.

In the course of his artistic work, critics and art historians have written about him, including Paolo Levi, with whom he collaborated in the composition of the first and only international exhibition that unites critic and artist, an exhibition on spirituality, evocative of daily problems and dramatic events occurring in the Mediterranean. The latter also gives the title to the exhibition in which Sergio Brambillasca is thus associated with all the great artists of all ages, who felt they had to denounce dissent towards a violent society through their art. Attentive to the communication that he expresses through his images, unique in the composition and shape of the line, he thus creates an artistic knot attributable solely and exclusively to his introverted personality, thus giving life to the new symbolism of modern art. 

Paolo Levi.

He recently dated the partnership between me and Sergio Brambillasca. He is a visual poet with a gentle meaningful essentiality, and at the same time abstract. We belong to two different generations. What brings us closer is the responsibility, which we both feel, to keep the memory of the first and second Holocaust. The first was developed by the Nazis in the extermination camps with the use of gas chambers, crematory ovens and a budget of about 10 million murdered human beings, including Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people. The second is taking place in the present: for some time now the number of the anthem has been in the waters of the Mediterranean cents who die in an attempt to reach Europe from Africa is constantly and unstoppable. The indifference of our civilized West is accompanied by dark complicities that speculate on complex international political situations. Brambillasca and I are powerless in this regard, but we can at least testify with our expressive means of sign and word, in their essentiality it is free from rhetorical consolations.

Paolo Levi Milan, 25 November 2018

Paolo Levi says about him.

Sergio Brambillasca, with his emblematic and refined works on paper, only apparently seems to come from an arcane territory. In truth, his message is as old as the world, and it is the Pain of contemporary human territory. The original expressiveness of these talented compositions are of a silent, metaphysical abstraction, and conceptually refer to the symbolic expressionism of Edward Munch. These works are performed very skillfully in electronic graphics, and it should be emphasized how the replacement of the pen with the digital medium opens up completely new and original visual and narrative horizons, and above all aesthetic results no less important than those obtained with traditional techniques.


Porto Viro July 2014 "Dinner with the artist - Bienno 2014 permanent - Cremona November 2014" Between Art and Genius "- Sanremo February 2015" Between ancient texts and conceptual art "- Bellagio March 2015" Sea mystery and sensuality "- Milan April 2016 "Across the sea" - Bellagio 25 June 2016 "Communication" - Vimercate (MB) July 2016 "Sea" - Lecco February 2017 "Mia" - Cremona October 2018 "Dame" - Cremona November 2018 "Mediterranean" - 2019 collective Milan Fabrica del Vapor “The democracy of art - 2019 Venice Palazzo Zenobio“ The state of the art at the time of the 58th Venice Biennale. It still collaborates with the Acerbi Cremona Gallery and the Brusacà Gallery in Porto Fino.


Cremona 2018. Modern art, modernism and classical art

Books Publications:

Dedicated to "Mia" book of the exhibition dedicated to Mia, the book / album the "Sea" is present in contemporary art catalogs and art magazines.

Sergio Brambillasca works in his studio in Agrate Brianza. Currently his works are found in private collections in Italy, France, America, Switzerland and Romania.


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