ArtOnline20 makes its know-how in international e-Commerce available to Art Galleries by offering them a Partnership.

An Art Gallery will be able to exhibit works owned by it and / or by its exclusive artists on the ArtOnline20 international e-commerce platform

in order to increase their visibility to a wider range of collectors around the world.

  • To register, galleries must follow the registration procedures used in ArtOnline20.
  • The works for sale will benefit from all the PROMOTIONS in force on the Platform.
  • All costs of promotions and discounts are at the expense of ArtOnline20 together with transport costs for Italy and for all EEC countries.

By REGISTERING we will be able to send you the necessary documentation for your eventual registration and precisely:

1.mod. PO Presentation of Works: it is used to help the Artist to enter all the data of the works. He must have returned with a biography (if possible also in English) and with 10/15 photos in JPG format of the proposed works. It is an integral part of the contract.

2.mod. AG Methods and Costs of Using the Services: indicates the methods ofthe service and its cost that will be chosen and entered directly by the Artist. It is an integral part of the contract.

3.mod. CG Service Usage Agreement: indicates the general rules, the obligations of the parties and the start and end date of the contract. It refers to the mod. AG as an integral part of the contract.

If you need further information or clarifications, do not hesitate to write or call us indicating the number of your registration code and  will do everything possible to satisfy your every need.

P.N. Before contacting us, we reccomend, read the FAQ Frequentely Asked Questions

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