Sebastian De Gobbis

Born on December 24, 1971 in Beirut. Still a teenager from Venice, he moved to Verona, where he attended the Art School. Over the years he approaches cultural artistic environments and decides to devote himself entirely to painting. It is the whole of humanity, current, in the ways and in the feelings, which emerges from the drafting of these works, as an effective reality beyond the repressed human condition. Sebastian De Gobbis penetrates into the human by exposing a theme that he makes us meditate. Stylistic balance and coloristic quality are constantly maintained in each of his works, amalgamating with the geography of feelings, drafts of solids and voids that pose dramatic revealing silences. A theme that has its roots in current events and tends to communicate the psychophysical discomfort of today's times with a correspondence between the position represented and the emotional suggestion of the composition. The artist in a continuous research aimed at expressing the universal feelings of the human living under all latitudes, is a profound observer of the psyche and spies and describes the various changes and aspects using different but necessary styles and settings, and creating a atmosphere of the unconscious and encounters between the various artistic formulas that generate vitality. Sebastian de Gobbis, a painter of recognized international fame, has made vivid and tangible glimpses of a world that escapes the hasty distraction of the majority. There have been many personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad as well as prizes and awards and publications on the pages of the most important and prestigious magazines and publishing houses in the sector. From 1995 to today we remember the care of the scenography at the Sortilegium ballet at Palazzo Giusti Verona; personal exhibition at the Cortina Gallery in Milan; collective Italian painters in New York La MaMa NY gallery with the criticism of Professor Giorgio Falossi. The Amalfi award at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Capri. Personal exhibition at the Galleria Spazio Immagine Cremona; WIKYARTE Gallery Bologna; the Amalfi award Palazzo dei Congressi in Capri. First prize Leonardo da Vinci Dario Mulitsch Gorizia painting competition and Americo Casi- Award. Presence at the GAMeC of Pisa; personal exhibition at the Avanguardia Verona cultural center and the Triennale delle Arti Pala Expo Fiera Verona. Works present at the telepromotions of Dr. Antonio Castellana Arte TV Canale 125DT ArteItaliaTV. Presentation Show calendar Gutemberg 2020 editions Castel dell’ovo Naples. Landscape 2.0 by M.Sbrana GAMeC Pisa. The life of art Milan A60 gallery. Art in the fortress, Palazzo Mediceo di Montepulciano. Pam, Contemporary presences Palazzo Ducale di Parete Caserta. 

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