Riccardo Velluto.

Riccardo Velluto, aka Rivel, was born in Merida (Venezuela) in 1957 from Italian parents since he was a child he was passionate about art. He currently lives and works in Capo D’Orlando (Messina).

He is defined as a sculptor painter of light (for the wide range of colors he uses).

Multi-purpose artist, his works are full of color and he loves to experiment with multiple materials to express his artistic creativity. Among these we find sand and hemp, and finally the prickly pear bark present in the works of the my land series (art will kill the mafia) taking inspiration from and supporting a work of his friend Giorgio Grasso. He joined the Trampled ART group until 2014, currently a member of the Homo Faber art group.

A social artist, various works by him are published in books and magazines in the sector.

In 2016 the 70x100 work with hemp and prickly pear bark (art kills the mafias "NO LEUCEMIA").

It is raffled live on TV and the proceeds donated entirely to the AIL Sicilia association (Italian leukemia association).

2017 is invited to speak to schoolchildren of the fifth elementary, at the school Comprensivo 1 Tommasi di Lampedusa in Capo d 'orlando on the day of legality, where it is presented and discussed how art can kill the mafia with his works (Giorgio project Fat).

January 2018 is chosen as an artist and included in the Sgarbi collection (two archived works).

Inserted in the first volume of Pitturiamo 120 paintings and a few more. abstract artists section, with the work Liberation, a work archived in the Sgarbi collection.



2014 collective with Trampled art group in Vaprio d'adda

2014 1st biennial Giorgio Grasso

2015 solo show in Capo d'orlando

2016 2nd biennial Giorgio Grasso

2016 collective Sinagra (me) at Pro loco

2016 October in Sinagra yellow (me)

2016 2nd art exhibition in freedom Rocca di Caprileone (me)

2016 donation and draw live on TV work donated to (Italian leukemia association)

2016 art on display in Capo d'orlando

2016 permanent exhibition at the la conchiglia room and pastry bar in Capo d'orlando (me)

2017 personal at la conchiglia pastry bar and presentation of the latest work (the seven deadly sins in the world of colors. With an exhibition of the 100x100 work "it's time to apologize to women" message against violence against women. (Radio rtl 102.5)

2017 day of legality meeting and commentary on works with elementary fifth grade kids

2017 Milazzo collective con_temporaneity

2017 Messina 8th edition Arte in villa

2017 Castello Bastione seventh exhibition of Sicilian artists' visual art

2017 Venice collective at Villa Farsetti (October)

2017 Sinagra (me) personal exhibition October dresses in yellow with a book presentation of salvo toscano la famiglia homicidi and exhibition of the painting la famiglia homicidi

2017 collective Rocca di Caprileone

2018 January two works selected and archived in the Vittorio Sgarbi collection works included liberation and art kills the mafias 2017

2018 April "Easter collective group of Nebrodensi artists" city of Brolo (me)

2018 May collective Abstrat color at Palazzo Saluzzo Genova

2018 September ninth collective "Art in villa" Messina

2018 September eighth exhibition of visual arts Capo d'orlando

2019 June collective city of Paris prize at Thuillier gallery

2019 August ninth exhibition of visual arts Sicilian artists Capo d'orlando

2019 October personal exhibition during the October event in yellow in Sinagra (me)

2020 February personal at the diviner Capo d'orlando (me)

2021 July collective Rome Palazzo Velli (piazza S.Egidio 7/9)


Starting from the belief that art should express feelings rather than reproduce reality, Rivel through his thematic project gives us an incandescent vision of color that translates into a splendid vision of life achieved through the psychological language of colors.

Of considerable importance is the LIFE work, three canvases joined together. At first glance at the canvas at the bottom right, although it seems to break away from the painting technique of the other two canvases, it allows us to read the work as a whole.

Interesting is not so much the material component of the composition, as the psychological and emotional one. In LIFE we find through the play of colors a symbolic spiritual truth and a psycho-expressive force aimed at developing joyful contents. The canvas below is developed according to a chromatic contrast of cold and dark tones, (obtained through the use of Etna's black sand) which, according to the psychology of colors, allude to sad and restless moods. However, the artist gives less importance to them, alluding to the fact that life is always imbued with happiness.

Enthusiasm translated into the consequent of vivid color, aimed at describing the happy emotional possibilities of life. Each chromatic piece is a resonant element that produces an effect of joyful and energetic emotion towards the viewer. The key color of the composition is yellow which explodes in the center of the artistic representation through a circular shape. The circular shape with a yellow color, in addition to giving unity to the entire complex, becomes an expressive expedient of profound meanings linked to existence and to the light of the sun, a generating symbol of the spectacle of life and nature, visible thanks to it.



Intensely expressive in the emotional vigor of the color and in the graphic setting is the splendid pictorial art of the master Riccardo Velluto who runs through the abstract idea of ​​form in the expression of Kandinskian evocation, mixing this orientation with the Surreal vein, where the basic geometry, through joints, overlapping of perspective planes, it becomes magical in a new cosmic spatiality. Here then, his paintings are like a state of mind: a flight of thoughts that run through the collective imagination, in which the dialectic between light and darkness, matter and transparency, visible and invisible, determines oneiric and kinetic visions in the dimension. unlimited thinking, beyond the conceptualization of the image. His painting is made up of fleeting but intense sensations, where the creative imagination interprets the metaphysics of things that live in their own secret reality in the suspension of time that transcends space. This is why, the complex pictorial plot becomes full of metaphysical and symbolic meanings in the metamorphosis of reality, where a new geometry that combines with the impulse of feeling, pervades abstract settings in a physical and psychic movement, between light and darkness, mental rigor and fantasy of the real. In this way, the graphic and chromatic orientation reveals in an impromptu immediacy the harmony of the images with alternating lines and planes that dissolve in refined tonalities, while the intensity of black stands out, indicating a conceptual unity. The free experimentation of form and color, therefore, becomes a new revelation of reality, an analysis on the same psycho-organic structure, where the study of objects represented in a geometric construct extols their enigmatic reality in three-dimensional dreams. They are composed and recomposed in the fervent creativity of Riccardo Velluto, while the dreamlike geometries in the optical illusion, follow the accentuations of Optical Art. Right, the chromatic and geometric suggestions allude to the existential reflection that is revealed in the kinetic representation, translating the vibrations soul in a symbolic-expressionist interpretation in pictorial language, which goes beyond academic dictates and is charged with an expressive vigor in the lyrical tension of the images. Here lies the charm, truly unique, in the paintings of the master Riccardo Velluto: the tension towards dreams, fantasy and spirituality is engaging, where he admirably manages to combine his dream escape with a sort of extreme intellectual lucidity in the perfect combination, between fantasy and rationality, where the same geometry does not limit, but is a boost to a new creative imagination. In the end, the visions open up to an ideal dimension, where the fragments of life pursue imaginary forms that arise from the existential dwelling and from a wonderful pictorial tale of memory that sublimates art in the light of sentiment.

Carla d’Aquino Mineo

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