Renato Giorgio.

From Minervino Murge - Puglia.

He attended the Free School of Nude in Rome, in the 70s.

He began to paint for pure passion, in the 70s, participating in numerous collective, impromptu and various events.

He has worked as a manualist designer, in construction, architecture, large works with creative interventions in visual communication: graphics, photography, corporate identity, furniture, illustration, continuing to paint without disclosing.

Since the 90s his interests have developed towards graphics: pastel, charcoal, ink, a particular predilection for graphite, the period of hyper-realistic drawings. Today he dedicates himself to so-called informal art where the sign, the line, the outline, the decisive and obsessive line prevail, then the color ...

Some of the latest artistic engagements:

2001 - 2018 Bari Barletta

2007 - Nicaragua

2010 - 2013 Numerous appearances with important successes in impromptu, collective and personal

2014 Atri - Vagiti Last International Exhibition

2014 Pescara - Pescarart 2014 International

2018-2019 Treviso - Gubbio - Rome - Bari - Miami


"Do you know what is it? I can't mix colors, I absolutely have to use them as they are. R. Giorgio "

Graphite, matter, pure color outline an art that knows, in reality, mixing techniques and that has the landscape as its frequent protagonist, no matter if it is sketched or soiled by the rapidity of a gesture or retouched the next day.

A painting that expands and a technique that specializes in a path that starts from graphite, stops at material painting and continues towards the 'color-pencil' combination on rigid schoeller supports, the best paper on the market for drawing: all steps of a single act of art that has always favored the technique in which to become true.

Giorgio is perhaps one of the few artists detached from the concern for the meaning of his artistic creatures: in his works he shows his excellence with the habit of always recording his thoughts; drawing an extra line, making a pen mark, erasing unpleasant traits with a wet finger is his attention to detail.

The technique is the protagonist of Giorgio's research, the landscapes, the views, the shoes, the faces acquire completeness and appropriate reading only afterwards, since only the technique highlights the aspects of physiological inventive continuity of the artist who still has something to to say.

Graphite drawing is the second power of the great artist, the skillful ability to mix it with matter and then with color: genius and invention that give pure concreteness to the works and make it difficult to compare.

The audacity of light is the third strength of this art, an incredible interpreter of a skilled hand that is supreme in the representations of landscapes in b / w, that filters through the clouds and makes the observer incredulous.

His mind is the only place where artistic projects ferment and always take shape there and after the technique, the graphite and the light the fourth greatness of the artist lies in the latent ability to create small contemporary masterpieces passing them off as humble creations of a man who still has a lot of exercise to do.

Anna Soricaro

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