Petruska Merisio.

Diploma of graphic designer address illustration achieved at the Morini Academy of Bergamo, with final dissertation, grade 9/10 in 1995.

YEAR 1994/96
• Worked at the new Target (BG), advertising agency as a graphic illustrator
YEAR 2000
• Collective exhibition in Barbata BG with "il Romanino" artistic club
• Personal exhibition at the San Vincenzo room in Gisalba (BG), presented by the president of the cultural club "il Romanino"
YEAR 2001
• Personal exhibition at the gallery of the "il Romanino" association in Romano di Lombardia BG entitled "Ariadne's thread" presented by Dr.ssa art critic and professor of the Carrara Academy Orietta Pinessi, with the attention of the monthly La city ​​of the Thousand with publication of the article.
YEAR 2002
• Collective exhibition at the exhibition hall in Seriate (BG) with the ASAV cultural club in Seriate
• Collective exhibition in Chiari (BS) for the "La Quadra" event
YEAR 2003
• Agazzi prize competition with special young people's certificate
• Common competition of Trivero (BI) with final prize giving
YEAR 2005
• “A.Baratella” artistic competition with special notification certificate
YEAR 2009
• “Il colore Trentino” competition with special signaling certificate
• Restoration of the 18th century ceiling in Bergamo in a private house
YEAR 2010
• Collective exhibition at the Holy Family in Martinengo (BG) title of the exhibition "the angels, vision between artists and architects"



YEAR 2011/14
• I worked at the Archiverde company in Varese as a set designer / colorist for outdoor scenography works throughout Italy.
• Serendipty event “a night at the court of Queen Mab” sponsored by the City of Brescia, with an article in the monthly Brescia Up.
• Fixed exhibition for the summer season at the Leo Peschiera restaurant in Sirmione (BS)
• Facade restoration in Milan
• Personal exhibition "for collectors" at the Il Boschetto restaurant in Montichiari BS with an article in the Gazzettino V.E.O.S.P.S.S.
• Personal exhibition at “Il castello degli Angeli” in Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) with publication of an article in the monthly Bergamo Up.
YEAR 2015
• International competition "the great war" Rivoli (TO) selected through INARTE gallery (the only Italian woman in the final exhibition) with catalog publication edited by Giorgio Grasso
• Publication in ARTEARTE
• Group exhibition in Berlin at the INARTE gallery
YEAR 2016
• Collective exhibition at the INARTE gallery Bergamo curated by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi and Giorgio Grasso.
• Personal exhibition in Sarnico (BS) at the civic tower presented by the councilor for culture.
• Collective exhibition with the Mazzoleni Art gallery in Venice entitled "Art in comparison in the lagoon".
YEAR 2017
• Personal exhibition in Ghisalba (BG) artisan artists association
YEAR 2018
• Collective Cologno al Serio (BG) with local artists
• Collective exhibition "a river of art" in Ponte San Pietro (BG)
• Collective exhibition at the archaeological museum at Desenzano del Garda (BS) with the ARTIDE association
• Collective exhibition at the castle of Desenzano del Garda (BS) with the ARTIDE association
• Personal exhibition entitled "ARCHETYPES" in Ghisalba (BG) at the Ex church of San Vincenzo curated and presented by Dr. Orietta Pinessi, teacher at the Carrara BG academy with a review published in the Bergamo newspaper Eco with the title "Spiral and symbology and private alchemy of Merisio Petruska ”and publication in the newspaper“ Il Giornale di Treviglio ”entitled“ esotericism and color in the paintings of Merisio Petruska ”.
• WINNER, Martinengo National Contemporary Painting Competition (BG)
YEAR 2019
• With Galleria Mura I participated in the Bergamo Arte Fiera B.A.F.
• Collective with "The river of art" title of art refinements at Sala Manzu 'Bergamo, sponsored by the province of Bergamo curated and presented by Dr. Chiara Medolago (historian and art critic).


- Article in the monthly magazine "The city of the Thousand"

- Article on the Gazzettino V.E.O.S.P.S.S.

- Article in the monthly Bergamo Up

- Publication in ARTEARTE

- Review in the newspaper "Eco di Bergamo" with the title "Spiral and symbology, the private alchemy of Merisio Petruska"

- Article in the newspaper "Il Giornale di Treviglio" entitled "Esotericism and color in the paintings of Merisio Petruska".

- Catalog publication with the association "A river of art"

- Article in the monthly "Brescia Up"

- Article in the newspaper “Progetto Italia News” for the exhibition at the Rome Capitol


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