Paola Huller.  

How my journey among the colour whirlpools started and the origin of my "messages in a bottle".

On Christmas Day in 2018 my two sons gave me a special present : an easel, some paint brushes, some oil-colours and a big canvas . Then they made me promise that I would paint something for them.

That canvas remained white and untouched for more than a month.....

Begin painting on a virgin canvas is not easy at all, but one day I felt that it was time to start.

I opened the colour boxes, prepared the palette and the paint brushes and without even realizing it my hand began whirling, rolling on that canvas.

That was the origin of my first vortex !

I felt such a beautiful deep sensation that, from that day on, I began painting more vortexes and I created more than 140 paintings in ten months.

Then I tried to paint using pure materials, something bound to the nature, so I began using pigments melted with vax and fire. Only later did I discover that I was using the so called Encausto technique which goes back to the eighteenth century.

At the very beginning, after each “colour attack” - that’s how I call it - I used to hide the painting away, I did not like to see it, but later on I had an unexepected, delightful surprise.

My vortexes were very much appreciated by other people who wanted to have my paintings hanging on their home walls to let them “talk” as they felt deep emotions looking at them, the same feelings I had felt while painting.

Inside my vortexes I hide sentences, little drawings and that’s why I called them “messages in a bottle”. I send these messages upwards, in the sky, in the hope they arrive.

The miracle of the "messages in a bottle" is that vortexes and colour help me say what words cannot.


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