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Nunzio Di Fabio began his artistic career at the age of 15, using only ink and pencil on paper. After this interlude (1982 - 1986) he moved to Bologna where he graduated in Political Science. In 1990 he began the study of techniques for the "knowledge of self" with an authentic instructor of the Isoteric System and for 10 years, the various trips made in Latin America, immersed for long periods in unspoiled nature, together with the in-depth study of the triangle Doric Pythagorean, give him the input for what would have been his first works dedicated to Objective Art (mandala P. 1992 - 1996), (mandala A. 1997 - 1999). He therefore begins to become passionate about sound geometry with its sound angles and geometric chords, learning the correspondences between angles, wavelengths and frequencies, sounds and of course colors.

In 1996 he moved to Rome and in 1997, he created another kind of mandala which also expresses an equivalence between sound, color, movement, angle etc., but strictly personalized, that is, made specifically for a specific person, in relation to the its structure.

These studies therefore bring him to the knowledge of the correlations between sounds and colors, since they all belong to the same energy, of the relations between a color and its complementaries and its harmonics.

In Nunzio Di Fabio's paintings the color combinations come from this interiorization. He therefore also thinks of the world of frequencies.

His works are not only the reflected manifestation of his sensations, of his way of perceiving nature with its elements, in this sense an obviously subjective type of art, but inside his dream landscapes, if observed more closely, the resonances and their harmonics in the general material composition. The artist therefore tries to objectify its meaning.

In his mind there is therefore a creative plane that he transmits on the canvas using colors almost like a musical composition where you can find the Rhythm in the movements, in the lines of force, in the most instinctive part of the painting, the Melody, that is the contrasts in the chromatic succession. (contrasts dictated by consonant intervals) and finally the Harmony in the overlapping and simultaneity of colors.

As his Instructor explained well, we live on a very particular planet compared to what exists in the universe, a universe basically composed of a state of matter called plasmic. Of the remaining four states: the solid, the liquid, the gaseous and the electromagnetic, only the first three are the most "common", that is, more familiar due to their primary relationship with the vulgar senses of perception, although ultimately the human being has them all within himself. Leaving aside the plasmic state, the others can be represented, in a certain sense, by earth, water, air and fire, elements of nature and of the human being. When Nunzio Di Fabio paints, references to these elements are always present, sometimes polarizing the work on one of them in particular, other times inserting them all but with different degrees of relevance. His interest is to express his emotions and reflections using painting as a medium and objective art as a starting point.

Among the exhibitions, the international exhibition of comics, in S. Marino, preeminently; the 1st prize "Caldari Murales"; participation in the restoration of Villino Cagiati (Liberty style); the collective exhibition in the "Angelo Azzurro" and "Zeroseven" galleries (Rome); personal painting exhibitions in Ortona (Chieti), Fregene (RM), Fiumicino (RM), Bologna, Miramar (Argentina). He is invited by the H.P. at the HypeGallery in Milan for the first exhibition held in Italy of works reproduced in print. In 2006 he participated in the collective exhibition at the Pancaldi gallery (Rome), exhibiting the work "Sottofondo marino" along with works by: Schifano, Alinari, Angeli, Pozzati, Festa and other important contemporary painters. He exhibits the work "Caldo Secco" at the Biennale FreeArte 2007 at the gallery Il Canovaccio-Studio Antonio Canova, known as the studio of the sculptor Canova located in the heart of the historic center of Rome, with works by internationally renowned artists, such as Mimmo Rotella, Sandro Chia, Pietro Annigoni, Omar Galliani, Antonio Bueno, Bruno Ceccobelli, Paul Kostabi and other well-known painters. Also in 2007 he exhibited the work "Pentagramma" as a collective together with works by: Ugo Attardi, Alberto Sughi, Enrico Benaglia, Aldo Riso and other artists at the Romanian Academy.

Invited to the Roma Arte 2008 festival at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, he exhibited the works "Danza dall'Oriente", "The race of the dragon" "Towards home" and "3D" together with works by: Giorgio De Chirico , Renato Guttuso, Franco Angeli, Piero D'Orazio.


· Italy Art 2010 international exhibition Villa Gualino - Turin. Works presented: "Marine background", "Symphony of water".

· Civic Art Gallery of Imperia - Imperia. Works presented: “Dancing jellyfish”, “Tempesta”.  Brehovà Gallery - Prague. Works presented: "Angel of fire", "Electrifying", "The further seal".


· International exhibition Italy art 2011 Villa Gualino - Turin. Works presented: "The race of the dragon", "Double sense", "Aurora".

· Copenhagen Institute of Culture. Works presented: "Bach's sky", "Reflections".

  Cassiopea Gallery - Rome. Works presented: "Agave", "False night".

· Macro di Roma - video installation for “Night of the Italics: right to the authors”, video work presented: “Dynamic Mandala” (anticipation).

· International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale - Abruzzo Region Italy Pavilion - S. Spirito Museum Complex - Lanciano. Work presented: "Marine background".

· Temporary exhibition on the occasion of the events of the 178th year of the September festivals in Lanciano. Personal painting.

· AltreStorie - Sensory Concept Store - Rome. Work presented: "The concert of the elements".

· Art admixtures: the primacy of expressive freedom in the era of globalization. Cassiopea Gallery - Rome, works presented: "Look up", "Beyond the wood".


· Self-image. Review of "creativity in the mirror".

  Orsini Chapel - Rome. Work presented: “In & Out”.

· Harmonic Dynamism and Parallel Lines. Aurum - Pescara. Personal painting.  Trifoglio Arte - Pescocostanzo. Work presented: "the Alien".

· Palazzo Nanni, Trifoglio Arte - Campo di Giove. Works presented: "Antarctica", "The concert of the elements" "Symphony of water", "Bach's Heaven".


· Gala de l’Art 2013 - Montecarlo. Works presented: "Paleopsiche", "Transmutation".

· Museum of Sacred Art, Piccolomini Castle, Celano (AQ). Dynamic Mandala - Video work.

· Gabriele D'annunzio Birthplace Museum - Pescara. Dynamic Mandala - Video work. 2014


· MuseoLaboratorio, Città Sant 'Angelo (PE). Dynamic Mandala - Video work

· Ducal Castle of Crecchio (CH). Personal painting.

· Michetti Museum - Francavilla al mare (CH). Personal painting.

· XVIII Biennial of Art of Penne / Nocciano (PE). Dynamic Mandala


· Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. Cinema il Piccolo. Dynamic Mandala - Video work.


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