Nilo Bazzani

Verona 1957

Nilo Bazzani is an established Veronese artist, was formed  at the artistic high school and active in the world of art and decoration since 1977. Since this date, his artworks have been exposed in collective and personal exhibitions both in Italy and abroad,  and now they are a part of different  collections, both public and private, for example the Karsten Melnag collection in Denmark. Between 2000 and 2009 he carried out painting and decoration artworks for Tiffany in Paris and Domicil in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,  moreover he deals with restorations in Italy and other art activity all over the world.

His paintings are characterized above all by urban landscapes that synthesize the frenzy, the speed and the continuous movement of contemporary society; the play of light and color combinations fragment the shapes and create an atmosphere that conveys the idea of ​​an energetic, excited city. The futuristic matrix is ​​very strong in Bazzani's artworks, which combined with a continuous research by the artist has led to the achievement of a completely personal painting technique, characterized by a strong synthesis and the use of dynamic lines and energetic colors and vibrant.


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