Michele Toniatti

Michele Toniatti was born in Bormio on April 13, 1969, in the province of Sondrio. Already at an early age he discovered a great passion for drawing and painting and delighted in small installations of sculpted objects and woods, deposited in the woods, which he moved from day to day. He experiences art, understood as the liberation of his inner thoughts, a mirror of those pre-adolescent moments lived.
At the age of 11, in fact, he painted '' 1981 shoes '', a work that aroused the attention of Professor Ombretta Redondi: she was the one who gave him the first easel, with brushes and oil colors. Source of this interest in art, he visits museums, galleries and exhibitions of great painters of the past. His self-taught course of study is mainly centered on Picasso, Mirò, Boccioni, Velazquez, Veerner, Caravaggio. Figures of fundamental importance for the stylistic development and career of the artist. The long process of technical experimentation leads to happy and original results: in the 2000s he experiments with new techniques, using earth and resin, with which he gives shape to a portrait production whose privileged subjects are the icons of the history of rock music. Experimentalism is combined with an equally varied stylistic repertoire, from the figurative, to the abstract, to the informal. On the basis of what has just been stated, his production is divided into two strands, one concerning portraits and a second relating to geometries, colors and pure pigments. He participates in national and international competitions, receiving important prizes and recognitions. He has to his credit numerous exhibitions in major cities in Italy and abroad, receiving important awards. Personal exhibition at the Rizzoli bookshop, Vittorio Emanuele second gallery, Milan. Paris Carrousel du Luvre. Miami meets Milan at the same time as Art Basel. Zeffirelli Foundation Museum, Florence. Dali 'Figueres Museum, Spain. Italian Cultural Institute, Budapest. Castel dell'ovo Naples. Art Venice 2017, Villa Farsetti Venice. Milano Art Gallery presented by Vittorio Sgarbi. Personal exhibition at the Mulino Salacrist museum, Bormio. Bormio civic museum staff. Francesco Gonzaga Museum Mantua expo. Palazzo Abrizzi 58 Venice Biennale and Europe Pavilion. The best artists according to Gianni Dunil, Palazzo Abrizzi. Galleria la Pigna, Palazzo Maffei Marescotti Vatican Rome. Maco Museo Veroli, Triennale di Roma 2021, Palazzo Borghese. Several critics have written about him, such as Paolo Levi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Giorgio Falossi, Elena Gollini, Sandro Serradifalco, Valter Visioli, Carlo Mola, Serena Carlino, Rosita Taurone and others.
It is present in the Atlas of Contemporary Art 2019, 2020

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