Since 25 years behind the lens, Max Falsetta Spina is photographer and set designer.

His photography has been developed through endlessly multiplied planes, always looking for new features to explore. The constant research starts from direct interventions first on the framing and then on the photographic support, because Falsetta Spina is a concrete artist who loves to intervene on photography with his own hands. His artistic career thus begins with his experiences in darkroom development operations, immediately at the beginning of his career, with results that lead to a material photography, in which the surfaces offer themselves to the eye in processes of increased graininess and disaggregation, seeking the natural results of transformation of everyday life. In the following years he worked on collage applied both to urban visions and to portraiture, today attaining the definition of a photography that overturns constructive planes as understood in traditional terms and literally reaches the third dimension. In a quarter of a century the artist has captured cities and people with his eye and his hand, always with the intent of showing their hidden side, the deepest one, interpreted by a mind that loves plays on perspective, thanks also to his activity as set designer carried out in parallel with photography, now appreciated by some of the most important world haute couture and hi-tech brands.

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