Mauro Galletti.

“I was born in Rome in 1960, after high school I enrolled in the medical faculty. From 1986 to today I have been a member of the One Hundred Painters Association of Via Margutta. With my painting I would like to describe everyday life as a current dimension, when I paint I try to express the "Now", the present moment as the starting point and arrival point of phenomenal reality, therefore I am not looking for beauty but rather for something that remains indefinite and any attempt to fix it distorts its intent. Mauro Galletti began painting at the age of eight in Nello Visca's workshop in the San Lorenzo district of Rome. Although self-taught, he deepened the study of the techniques of the Renaissance Masters and in particular of Caravaggio becoming his copyist, to then reach a hyper-realistic pictorial expression. In the 1980s he undertook a reinterpretation of the main artistic avant-gardes of the 1800s and 1900s, reflecting in a particular way on the concept of simultaneity in Cubism and Futurism. In '94 he elaborated his studies converging on the painting he defined as "deconstructed" which represents a further evolution of his research. In the 2000s he began the abstractionist path that he still carries on today. He often participates in the Roman event of the Exhibition of the Hundred Painters in Via Margutta.

Personal Exhibitions

1995: Leonardo De Magistris Gallery - Via Margutta-Rome

1996: La Tartaruga Gallery - Via Sistina, 85 / A - Rome

1999: Aldo Capitini Room - Marsciano (PG)

2018: Sweet Bunch - Via Casilina, 213 - Rome

Collective Exhibitions

From 1986 to 1992: Collective Exhibition Work In "Progress" - Via Margutta - Rome

From 1986 to today: Exhibition of the Hundred Painters in Via Margutta - Via Margutta - Rome

Permanent Exhibitions

Cassa di Risparmio Di Fermo - Rome

Chiattelli Goldsmith Jewelery - Marsciano (PG)

Banca Popolare Di Novara - Rome


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