Massimo Podestà.

Massimo Podestà was born in Sarzana (SP) on 22/9/49. Starting from 1967 he began to paint and exhibit. He knows artists such as G. Dagna and F. Vaccarone with whom he will appear in the special Ligurian Artists on Bolaffi arte 1972. In 1970, the cycle Nature and man was born, and he was encouraged, in Florence, by important painters such as Primo Conti. Alfio Rapisardi organized his first Florentine solo show for him in 1971 at the La Lambertesca gallery. In 1973, he met the painter U. Capocchini, who encouraged him to continue his research. In 1975, the Weak Sculpture was born. He graduated in 1976 at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, with Prof. Leonardo Savioli. In 1977, geometric paintings with poems were born. In 1979, the Spatial Paintings were born. Since 1979 he has been working as a designer, designing objects (furniture, lamps, bags ...), collaborating in the industrial production and artistic direction of various companies, participating in national and foreign trade exhibitions, such as Gift (Florence), Macef (Milan) , Abitare il tempo (Verona), Salone del mobile (Milan), Mobile (Paris), international exhibition Unforeseen consequences art-fashion-design in Prato.

In 1980, paintings with reference to design were born. In 1981, the first retouched photos. Between 1982 and 1983, he collaborated with Studio Alchimia and Alessandro Mendini in Milan. In 1983, he founded Il punto Bacola in Florence, a structure open to everything that happens in the field of design (architecture, art, graphics, communication); in the same year, he exhibited his works at the Magazzini La Fayette in Paris and at the Argenterie Cassetti in Florence. In 1984, he participated in Marmo-moda (Florence) and exhibited at Lancel in Paris, at Tiffany in New York and at Harrod's in London. In 1985, he signed the manifesto in the New Renaissance and exhibited the works of Cristofle in Paris. In 1990, the Universes are born. In 1991, figures with magnetic fields were born. In 1995, the landscapes of the soul and the signs of the zodiac were born. In 1997, he took part in the Art and Culture Committee of Florence; in January 1998, he founded IntroArt in Florence and in the same year he created Mail Art. In 2001, he joined the Antica Compagnia del Paiolo in Florence. In 2000, the cosmic models were born. In 2005, he joined the group of Colorists, at the Galleria del Palazzo Coveri. In 2006, he resumed developing the Weak Sculpture. In 2007, he joined the Society of Fine Arts - Dante's House Artistic Circle in Florence and created Fluicart. With a group of artists, he founded the KPK, a movement still active today with exhibitions, performances, installations and videos. In 2008, Photart was born. In 2009, Massimo thought was born: thoughts spread through advertising, inserted in the context of various works. In «Exibart» 61 (November / December 2009) the Primo Massimo thought appears for the first time. In 2013, he took part in the Sgarbi Artists and Goats Workshop. In 2017, he is present at the CollaborAzione Festival of the Castello di Vicari, Lari. In 2018 personal Modelle 4.0: the possible cosmos at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art curated by Maurizio Vanni. In 2019 Area di Sosta together with the artists Julia Landrichter and Mauro Vaccai at the GreeheArt Emotional Space in Picciorana (LU) curated by Maurizio Vanni.

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