Massimo Pennacchini

Massimo Pennacchini is an artist who had the honesty to undertake that difficult path that leads to contemporary figurative painting, an area in which it is possible to weigh and evaluate, for better or for worse, the criteria of competence and artistic ability. In 1998 he was selected by DINERS CLUB ITALIA to illustrate the company calendar; in the same year he was called to represent Italy in the city of Offenbach (D) in the international exhibition "Galerie in turm". The real consecration in the world of contemporary art is recognized by the "Alitalia for Art" program which offers selected artists from all over the world to witness Italian culture in Italian and foreign international airports.

In 2002 at the Malpensa airport in Milan, and in 2003 at the Leonardo da Vinci in Rome and the Marco Polo airport in Venice.

In 2005 his works were installed in the VIP rooms of the J.F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

He publishes his first monograph, desired and edited by prof. Massimo Duranti, a volume, where the artistic career of the last decade is illustrated in collaboration with other critics. In 2006 he was selected by the Italian Association for Culture, promoter of deserving talents on an international stage and participated in numerous initiatives, such as SMERALDARTE and PAF, with texts accompanied by the collaboration of prof. Angelo Calabrese.

The theme of "tango", so rich in creative stimuli and with such a strong experience, has undoubtedly marked a large part of his production and has led to his being nicknamed "The painter of tango". Racial integration, communication, passion, sensuality are important pawns of his artistic career. After meeting the greatest Argentine tango dancer in the world, Miguel Angel Zotto, a partnership was born that saw him exhibit in the major theaters in the world in collaboration with the great artist, then in 2008 he performed respectively at the City Center in New York, at the Peacock Theater in London and the Astalia Theater in Buenos Aires. Numerous works are permanently installed in the open space of M.A.Z. in Buenos Aires. In the meantime he participates in numerous art fairs both in Italy and abroad.

In 2009, La Meridiana gallery in Pietrasanta. From 2010 to 2013 Kostanz (D) Lake Constance hosts Pennacchini in an exhibition dedicated to a small group of contemporary Italian artists, the works are installed at the Burgersaal in the "Italianische Gegenwartskunst" event.

In 2010 at Palazzo Valentini, seat of the province of Rome, a solo exhibition on Argentine Tango with a text by prof. Paolo Levi who illustrates the artist's pictorial ability in describing human weaknesses and virtues in the metaphor of tango. It is included in the Mondadori Modern Art Catalog in the first 32 Italian artists who distinguished themselves in the year for their artistic activity. In May 2011 he flies to Hangzhou (China) to represent Italy with the project "Following the path of Marco Polo", two works are permanently exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hangzhou. In November 2011 in Venice at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation and April 2012 in Hangzhou (China) they hosted works selected in as many exhibitions. In 2012 he was invited by prof. Angelo Calabrese to exhibit at the Rocca Museum in Umbertide, the catalog depicts on the cover the artist's work dedicated to the "Rape of Europe".

In 2014 he exhibited in Rome at Il Chiostro del Bramante.

2015 at Palazzo Sforza Cesarini in Genzano and Palazzo Ruspoli in Nemi

2016 at the SpaziArti gallery in Milan and in the summer under the patronage of the Consortium of the Porto Rotondo District he exhibits the “SAILING” line, a collection of works dedicated to the world of sailing and regattas. In November it takes part in the Bergamo Art Fair, in February 2017 at the Genoa Fair.

Summer 2018 exhibits in Porto Cervo in collaboration with the Mazzoleni Foundation. From October 2108 to January 2019 he exhibits at the NH collection V. Veneto in Rome the “IDOLS” collection, images, myths, icons of the past and present re-proposed in an original and ironic key. Summer 2019, in collaboration with the Canova Arte gallery, exhibits in Costa Smeralda, in Poltu Quatu and Porto Rotondo

There are numerous reviews concerning him, among all, we mention "FIRMA", "CHARM", "ART", "Art & trA" "CULTURAL EVENTS" "ART EFFECT" "ARTE IN" and international magazines. Pennacchini's works are present in numerous private and public collections, in Italy as well as in Germany, France, England, Switzerland, the United States of America, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Russia.


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