Massimo Lomi

Massimo Lomi, was born in Livorno in 1953. Grandson of Giovanni Lomi, an artist known as a post-Macchiaioli painter and appreciated opera singer. His father Federico, an excellent jazz musician, Massimo Lomi grew up in this habitat. From a very young age he followed his grandfather in his ex-tempore en plain air, assimilating the flavor of life painting, so dear to that generation of artists at the turn of the 1800s and 1900s. Always with his grandfather he periodically visits museums and private collections, thus learning to observe. His school studies constantly highlighted him as a creative and directed him to attend the art school in 1968. It is here in Carrara that he begins to refine his pictorial instinct. The study of the figure and the familiarity with the color matter lead him to the announced choice of making a true artistic activity of this passion / vocation. This is how he presented himself, in 1972, at his first solo show in Milan, where he was appreciated for the originality that his works express. Pushed by his father Federico, his first admirer, he sets up other exhibitions in numerous cities, until he acquires a precise position in the figurative panorama.

In his frequent travels he learns and develops themes far from our own conception and artistically matures that experience that can only be assimilated by observing beyond. Thus he understands, after his stay in Sri Lanka in 1987, and the trip to the United States the following year, the need to find a cut, an innovative frame of images that he promptly manages to discover and transmit in his pictorial creations. In 1990 he was appointed Secretary of the Labronico Group, one of the oldest Italian associations, which in its past can boast names such as Annigoni, Modigliani and Novellini. In 1991 he suddenly lost his father, his important traveling companion. In 1994, after the birth of his daughter, Beatrice (1992), and before the arrival of the second child Virginia (1995), the Municipality of Livorno dedicated to him the first anthological exhibition to the "Bottini dell’Olio". There are numerous exhibitions held in public and private galleries. In 2000 he was among the artists chosen for the Jubilee and in the same year he exhibited at Artexpo at the Javits Center in New York. Until 2002 he designed the cover of the magazine "Toscana Lions". In 2003 he exhibited at the European Parliament in Brussels. In the recent past, on the occasion of the first year of his pontificate, he was received by the Holy Father Benedict XVI for the work "Atmospheres of faith" painted in the days when Pope John Paul II ascended to heaven.

Recent exhibitions:

2018 - Parma Artfair

2018 - Venturina - "the Calidario"

2018 - Siena - Beaux Art "Only the light"

2017 - Milan - San Barnaba "I Lomi"

2017 - Florence - Florence Art "I Lomi"

2017 - Pavia "PAT Pavia Art Talent 2017 ″

2017 - Lucca - "Faschion in Flair"

2017 - Art Parma

2017 - Anghiari "Grantfield Design Studios and Gallery of Art"

2017 - Genova ArteGenova.

2016 - Florence "Factory Masters".

2016 - Prato Atelier Gioberti "I Lomi".

2016 - Les Village des Arts - Parc de l’ile des Impressionnistes - Chatou – Paris

2016 - Genova ArteGenova

2015 - Paris Espace C. Peugeot "Artist's Matter".

2015 - Genoa “ArteGenova”.

2014 - Montalcino Fortress of Montalcino “The lands of Tuscany“.

2014 - Porto Recanati Castello Svevo “Brushstrokes of light”.

2014 - Genoa “ArteGenova”.

2013 - Castiglioncello Casale del Mare "The other horizons of Massimo Lomi's painting" by G.Faccenda

2012 - Pisa: BNL “Telethon 2012”.

2012 - Forte dei Marmi “La Marguttiana”.

2012 - Livorno Villa Fabbricotti Park "A Livornese in the service of Art" bronze bust M. Borgiotti.

2012 - Seravezza, Scuderie Medicee, Through figuration

2011 - Castiglioncello (Li), placing the statue of The Painter

2011 - Castiglioncello (Li), Bagni Salvadori, The colors of sentiment

2010 - Aire la Ville (Geneve) SV, NOEL 2010

2010 - Tirrenia (Pi), Cosmopolitan Golf Club and Telethon

2010 - Livorno, A painter at the stadium, Livorno football

2010 - Siena, Medici Fortress, XIII Antiques Market Exhibition

Expressing an innovative concept in the contemporary figurative panorama without losing sight of the history of the figurative and its tradition: in essence, this is Massimo Lomi's intention. The ingredients of his recipe are two: the cut of the subject enclosed in well-defined squares to determine the research of the particular, and the true innovation of Lomi, the choice of the wood material as support of his works. Here the artist reveals his true discovery: in fact, he only paints the lights, the surfaces illuminated by the sun.

On the contrary, everything that is in the shade is left to the will of the wood, reaching synthetic solutions in which the work is painted only for a few essential strokes, without losing its legibility, but on the contrary accentuating contrasts. chromatic effects of sure effect for the observer. The dominant of yellows and earths in chromatic harmony with the wooden surface, often obtained from old doors or windows still equipped with their windows, makes the expression of Lomi particularly suggestive, which as a whole represents a marked personality of expression not easily found in the contemporary art scene.

These atmospheres can be better savored and enjoyed by visiting the artist's small studio. Here, among the notes of jazz songs dear to the generations of the family, you can have the opportunity to observe the creation and birth of an opera. The discovery of reviving a piece of wood now to be thrown away, which in Lomi's hands will become a collector's work of great value. The smell of paints mixed with the unmistakable scent of wood, make the meeting with the painter and his atelier even more suggestive.


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