Marcello Vitale.

I was born in Nocera Inferiore on 04/12/1975 and have always resided in Cava De 'Tirreni, a city famous for the history of ceramics which is partly linked to that of Vietri sul Mare and the splendid Amalfi Coast. In 1993 I started working in a ceramic factory in my city and over the years I have held various roles that give me the opportunity to better understand the technical and chemical part of the glazes and mineral oxides that are the basis of hand-painted ceramics. . In 2012 I quit that job and I started collaborating with my wife in the creation of a small artisan ceramic workshop. I have always loved ceramics but I also believe that sometimes it is "harnessed" in a context that makes it stereotyped and sometimes impersonal, and that is why I decided to create my own artistic expression.

Inspired by the greatest artists of the past, by the earth itself, by the bark of trees, I want to infuse the techniques of painting with ceramics. With drips, grooves and veins I try to create something that can offer the warmth of ceramics, the beauty of a painting and the "thickness" of a sculpture, combining everything in a material-artistic concept. I love what I do and my idea of ​​artistic expression, but I also believe that to make it truly “Vital” I should share it with everyone.

Marcello Vitale.   



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