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There is no second chance to make a first good impression

We just can’t stop. We just can’t stop seeking for the excellence in food, the beauty in art or the design. We just can’t stop telling amazing stories of artisans or luxury product creators. Day by day, at celebreMagazine we share with our readers the charme of amazing properties, architects’ gusto and the allure of great powerful engines. We strongly believe that looking for splendor is the best way to bring it into your life. That’s the reason why we keep on talking with people who live rounded by leisure and comfort. People who can really inspire us. We tell you their stories. We continuously keep an eye on the trends, the highlights and the products major firms release on the marketplace. We try them and then review them for you. We regularly update news about soiree, events and dates you would never have missed. We disclose them to you.

That’s us, celebreMagazine World – Rinascimento Magazine – Monaco Woman… Your Gate @ luxury lifestyle world. Welcome and enjoy the Dream.

Art & Culture

Our International Editorial Group dedicates this section to the achievements of amazing individuals, but also to events that promote and encourage sharing and participation in all that encompasses art exhibitions. It is an opportunity for you to find out the most acclaimed artists of the moment and the events that celebrate art.

Boost the charm around the world

There are a lot of stories to be told; a lot of tales to collect. It’s worth the time of listening, writing down and share them around the globe. Actualy that’s what we love to do, even if it often costs us much more effort than we can afford. How can we do all this? Easy.

First of all, we’re very passionate; we just can’t stop looking for good stories, keeping an eye on the latest news or the trends. 

Second, we stay in touch with the major brands, so every day we know, which ones should be released on the market.

Third our magazines can back on a list of partners and sponsors too. These are designers, artisans, artists, hotel entrepreneurs and building contractors who entrust their story to our journalists to reach our readers.


If you think your business should be here, between the most famous ones, we would be very glad to host it. Our Luxury Magazines can be the right gate to the right customers. Invest now in yourself. Let us know about you and your brands, your lifestyle or an amazing place you’ve been. Share with us your vision, your thoughts or ideas about your world. Spread your valorous brand!

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