Ludwig  Louis.

My name is Ludwig Louis I am an artist.

I have always had a passion for art from an early age that I had as a self-taught person.

I managed to make this passion a job, as I participated in many competitions and exhibitions.

I attended many iconography workshops and worked on various techniques (iconographic, pictorial, abstract, material and sculptural) through practice and various art workshops.

I create paintings that combine abstract style with the use of voluminous materials that give the painting a sculptural, material effect.

For me, the use of color is fundamental.

I prefer to use bright colors, which blend into dark colors with mixed techniques.

Currently my main job is to always paint and develop innovative techniques.

Ludwig Louis



2015 Abstract collective exhibition at cultural center Gabriella Ferri  Rome

2021  Abstract collective exhibition “Festival Desidera 2021”   Trieste


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