Luciano Astolfi.

Luciano Astolfi lives and works in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE).

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila under the direction of Gino Marotta, he participated with stage realization and acting in the theatrical show by Fabio Mauri "Great Futurist Evening", staged in the Nuovo di Milano, Olimpico di Roma, Comunale dell ' Eagle .

He participated in the film "A city for music" by Bruno Vespa and M. Warren and in 1985 he directed the performance "Image and sounds in a summer evening" in the park of the municipal villa of Roseto.

He was a finalist at the Lubian Prize chaired by Renato Guttuso and in 1979 he won the first graphics prize at the G.D'Annunzio prize.

He is the author of the sculpture "La Rosa d'Oro" which is assigned to personalities of sport, entertainment and culture in his city.

He is present at the art fairs of Viterbo, Forlì, Bari, Reggio Emilia, Padua.

He has exhibited in several museums including the Ugo Guidi and Gilardi Museum in Forte dei Marmi, Michetti in Francavilla al Mare, Barbella in Chieti, Palazzo Bastogi in Florence and at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, the fortress of Civitella del Tronto, the Colonna and Aurum museum in Pescara. , hotel de Paris Montecarlo, cultural sites Zisa Palermo, Palazzo Bramante Rome, Gallery Simone Bratislava. Since 2011 he has been present at the Sulmona Prize.

Latest holdings at the Picenum Cingoli auction house, Circolo Aternino Pescara, Collegio Raffaello Urbino, Small Roman cisterns Fermo, Palazzo dei Consoli Gubbio, Palazzo dei Capitani Ascoli Piceno, Palazzo dei Sangallo Tolentino.

Painting is no longer a collective tool for replicating the horrors of the century but a very personal method of contact with one's inner world. In this way, white responds to the logic of the individual in search of a clarification of the meaning of life and extends the need for a clearer discourse to painting.

(Chiara Strozzieri)

 They say about him:

 "His sensitive intuition as a painter is careful to grasp external and introspective references with extreme fluidity, penetrating them in the intense rhythm of the chromatic textures and in the free germination of forms, which imaginatively expose thematic themes, charging them with dreams, anxieties, emotions of everyday life. Very personal painting, this one by Astolfi, where echoes of aesthetic trends of our century can be seen, internalized by an artist capable of proposing himself through his own valid expressive syntax. "

S. Perdicaro Rose gold sketch

The protagonists of the figurative arts have no age, for the explicit admission of those who study their evolution. So we can speak of an artist, who is young by birth, as is the case of Luciano Astolfi, but at the same time, in controlling the escalation of his production, from the preparatory studies of the artistic high school of Teramo, followed by those of the Academy of Belle Arti de l'Aquila, up to the overcoming of the many researches, the various selections and the passages through always coherent stages, it must be agreed that the relationship between artistic production becomes even anachronistic. the current phase, chronologically the third, concerns an intimate expression, the result of an inner thrust which, it should be said, does not care what the user can feel in front of the images portrayed on canvas, as if to say, that all the author does not care what the sounding board of his product emanates. In this case, the artist wants to express well "... what he says inside", as the poets of the past used to say.

Luigi Braccili

  ... the work of the master Luciano Astolfi, as a form of exaltation of the symbol of the city, does not want to convey an agnostic message, but a charge to enhance the values ​​of traditions, culture and art. For this reason, the "Rosa D'Oro" has been awarded over the years to personalities such as Gianni Gaspari, journalist and editor-in-chief of TG2 culture, to Luciano Russi, Rector of the University of Teramo, to Gianfranco Mazzoni, journalist and official voice of Formula One , to Father Maurizio De Santis, the dancing friar, aka Father Nike, to Antonio Tartaglia, world bobsleigh champion and phil Melillo, Italian-American coach of Cordivari basketball (A1 series). A symbol is exalted but ...

Lino Faraone (The Messenger)

 "... the powerful sharpness of the color and the decisive fusion of the shades focus positures and attitudes, with the result of highlighting the typical figural images which, often, are deformed in the outlines as if to underline the free transcription of a disconcerting story" immersed "Between the rational and the irrational and" inclined "towards the limit of a psychic / emotional dimension full of disturbances of all kinds and sensitive perceptions, fears of the unknown but always consequential to the meaning of communicative" medianum "...

Renato Lamperini

... The painted emotion thus becomes painting of absolute sensuality, tactile perception, material of an interiority that wants to produce a certain and not superficial reaction, which short-circuits the inside with the outside, which leaves indelible traces of memory in those who meet the 'Opera.

What is certain is that the anxiety of a painting that goes beyond the already wide limit of an updated naturalism remains, in my opinion, absolutely priority in Astolfi. The artist from Roseto degli Abruzzi has in his DNA an undoubted vocation for the great informal made of sign, gesture and matter. Adding also some variations of the Italian dripping today in use in many contemporary masters. Even if the dominant color is still the color as magic, evocation, communication, omen.

Valerio Grimaldi

 "In Astolfi's pictorial journey, an identifying journey backwards, the aspect, in a certain sense," compositional "and" constructive "continues to have weight, as in almost all of the informal Italian, and is happily characterized by shades and the Mediterranean luminosity, rich in appeal and declined according to a storytelling and by now well recognizable linguistic code. "

Marialuisa De Santis


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