Luca Galessi

In the world of photography I landed at just 10 years old and already at 11 I had my first dark camera. A love, that of photography, born at an early age that has continued over the time, simply remaining a true genuine passion. For many years I have been looking for and photographing billboards torn in urban fabrics because very often art is before our eyes and we don't even notice it.

A creative attitude and a curious gaze are needed to be able to draw the essence of today's cities from a simple advertising image, a true art of our time. Invisible time becomes visible. The paper with its degradation and overlapping, thanks also to meteorological elements such as the sun, the wind and the rain that modify its structure, create unusual visual effects left exactly as the lens found them, without retouching or subsequent processing all at times with a light dose of irony.

I stop first with the eye and then with the camera a newspaper that everyone can see but that nobody sees or sees in a different way, certainly different from my thought. The camera, a real means of expression, has the property of stopping that instant and only that precise instant. Because the action of a person who walks and tears the paper is enough, modifying what was there just a moment before, involuntarily creating a whole new work of art: torn art, in fact.



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