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Biographical profile:

Loretta Cavicchi graduated in painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, having as teachers, among others, Luciano De Vita, Paolo Manaresi, Quinto Ghermandi, Nicola Zamboni, Giuseppe Milesi and Pompilio Mandelli. She attended Mario Leoni's engraving workshop for several years. Since the 1980s she has exhibited at galleries in Italy and abroad, has dedicated herself to teaching artistic disciplines, and for a long time collaborated with the Institute of Germanic Culture in Bologna, planning a series of exhibitions-events.

Her poetics is a reflection on the face and the figure as a research laboratory, in the awareness that the mind and body are the places where all the challenges of full humanity are disputed. Attention is particularly focused on faces and hands, centers of expressive power, leaving the rest to the indeterminacy of the sign, which still awaits, with intense emotionality and deep thought, a possible transformation.


Artistic curriculum

Awards and acknowledgments:

Graphic Prize from the Clementina Academy of Bologna.

Multi-year scholarship from the Venturoli Artistic College of Bologna.

Cosmè Tura Prize for Sculpture, Ferrara.

Selection at the International Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Fair

Multi-year selection at the Biennial of Dante's Bronzetto in Ravenna.


Personal exhibitions:

1985 Pastels and Terracotta, Galleria d'Azeglio, Bologna. Curators: Francesca Donati and Maria Bagnoli.

1987 Sculptures. Pastels and Drawings, Galleria d'Azeglio, Bologna. Curators: Francesca Donati and Luciano Bertacchini.

1990 Pastels and Terracotta, Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, Bologna.

1993 The rediscovered figure, L'Ariete Gallery, Bologna. Curators: Patrizia Raimondi and Marilena Pasquali

2006 Angels of the Earth. For the support of disadvantaged children in Grand - Bassam in the Ivory Coast. Exhibition hall of the Antoniano, Bologna.

2012 Ostinata Illusion, Sassetti Cultura, Milan, Curator: Gabriele Guglielmino.

2014 TRANSFORM / ACTION, Baraccano Museum Room, Bologna. Curator: Valerio Dehò.

Exhibition catalog: TRASFORM / ACTION, curated by Valerio Dehò, Campanotto Editore, Pasian di Prato (UD) 2014.

2014 On the occasion of the Art Book review, he creates Hölderlin, Let Be Found, a 37-meter long artist's book, exhibited in the Baraccano Museum Room in Bologna (2014).

2016 Metamorphosis in art and above, Siusi (BZ) house of Culture. As part of the Silenzi d’Alpe event, curated by Francesco Marchioro. For the occasion, a video on the artist's work was presented.

2019 Absence of gravity, Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna.


She has also participated in countless group exhibitions including:

1986 International exhibition of illustrators of children's books, Fiera di Bologna.

1996 The door to the city of Dante, Purgatory, XII edition of the Biennial of Dante's bronzetto, Ravenna.

1998 The door to the city of Dante, Paradiso, XIII edition of the Biennial of Dante's bronzes, Ravenna.

2003 Dante Europea, XIV edition of the Biennial of Dante's bronzes, Ravenna.

2004 The Nude. Early 20th century masters and contemporary authors, Galleria D'Azeglio, Bologna.

2007 International Messe für zeitgenössicsche Kunst in Innsbruck.

2015 Angelo Venturoli, Between the work, the College and its legacy. The fellows from 1930 to 1980. Crespellano di Valsamoggia and Bologna, Palazzo Garagnani, Galleria Arti Figurative, curated by Alberto Rodella, Eta Editori, Bologna

2015 From Quinto Ghermandi to today: sculpture in Bologna in the 1900s, Galleria d'Arte del Caminetto, Bologna.

2017 Art Experience, Wikiarte Gallery Bologna.

2019 Through Mucha's eyes Wikiarte Gallery Bologna.

2019 Review of the Nativity Scenes, Monumental Loggione Church of San Giovanni in Monte, Bologna.

2020 Segni, Mazzoleni Foundation, Alzano Lomabrdo (Bergamo).


Since 1997 she has been part of the visual research group ut pictura poësis, for which she has created the following visual projects curated by Umberto Leotti:

1997 Franz Schubert Project, Institute of German Culture, Bologna.

1998 Gershwin Project, Cabaret Voltaire, Bologna.

1998 Hildegard von Bingen Project, Institute of German Culture, Bologna.

1999 Goethe project: Staub zu beleben, Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna.

2000 Hildegard von Bingen: the world, the body and melancholy, Focus Association, Imola.

2000 Project J.S. Bach, Capriccio over the distance of his beloved brother, Institute of Germanic Culture, BO

2001 Project J.S. Bach, Capriccio over the distance of his beloved brother and Institute of Germanic Culture, Pesaro.

2001 Kurt Weill Project, From Berlin to Broadway, Focus Association, Imola.

2001 Novalis Project: Was fesselt mich an irdische Beschwerden, Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna and Pesaro.

2002 Schubert and Goethe between Classicism and Romanticism, Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna.

2003 Hermann Hesse Project: everywhere and nowhere, attempts at cities, attempts at words, attempts at men, Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna.

2003 Vidi una Luce, Mystery of the blessed Hildegard von Bingen, from a theatrical text by Grytzko Mascioni, Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna.

2003 Dal Reno al Reno, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Germanic culture in Bologna.

2004 Music and sentiment in Schubert's Lieder: Institute of Germanic Culture of Bologna

2004 Teilhard de Chardin Project, Gregorian University, Rome. Paris and Clermont Ferrand.

2005 Einstein and Teilhard de Chardin. The frontiers of science. Institute of Germanic Culture, Bologna.

2020 Albert Schweitzer, Building oneself in the virgin forest. Goethe Zentrum, Bologna.


Among others, Luciano Bertacchini, Nicoletta Magnoni, Angiolo Silvio Ori, Marilena Pasquali, Roberto Vitali, Gabriele Guglielmino, Daniele Goldoni, Claudio Widmann, Valerio Dehò have written about her artwork, among others, with essays or critical interventions.

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