Ilde Bresolin. 

Ilde Bresolin was born and lives in the province of Treviso, studied art, took a diploma at the city art school, she also deepened the study of artistic anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She frequents the studios of some well-known Treviso artists where she can devote herself to drawing and deepening the artistic nude. The technique she prefers is oil painting on canvas; in some cases she uses acrylic colors or paints using a mix of materials. In her artworks we see a careful research aimed at understanding the individuals immersed in their existences: the interiority, the feelings, the moods transpire from the expressions of the faces and from the postures of the bodies. The subjects are often described with bright colors, inspired by Street art, in some cases, the color becomes liquid until it drips,becoming a vital fluid that flows and releases itself on the canvas and contrasts with the delicate anatomical shapes. She has exhibited in various group and personal exhibitions.

 It is present in the ARS IN TEMPORE 3rd edition catalog.


 - TEN YEARS OF GRECALE Villa Onigo di Trevignano collective exhibition 15 January - 6 February 2022

 - ARS IN TEMPORE Collective Abbey of Santa Maria del Pero 30 October - 14 November 2021

 - BEYOND THE PERSONAL IMAGE Caffè Artistico Treviso 11 January - 10 February 2020

 - THE PATHS OF THE PERSONAL IMAGE La Barba di Ontano Santa Lucia di Piave 2 - 24 November 2019

Critical text:

In Ilde Bresolin's pictorial production there is a careful research on the mutations of contemporary society through a personal symbolic and allegorical imagery. The delicacy that emerges from his works finds technical confirmation in the thin oil glazes rarely reinforced with acrylic. The refined rendering of the naturalistic data derives from his artistic training particularly attentive to the expressive dynamics of the figure. However, in the most recent works, the artist's interest in other forms of contemporary art such as Street Art emerges. More expressive pictorial expedients are introduced such as gestural layers and drips of color that break the realistic rendering to leave room for freedom of movement chromatic, immediate gestures, the indefinite and "white" surface of the canvas. The faces and figures, far from being real portraits, appear to emerge from an "imaginary" full of intuitions and visual suggestions. The softness of the tone changes emphasize the details of the face and gaze to convey the deep motions of the soul. The numerous drawings and studies by the artist on the details of eyes, mouth and hands highlight the desire to grasp the communicative implications underlying every movement of the skin and eyelids. However, in the parts where the color is released and drips, the images are charged with communicative power, stimulating questions and actively involving the viewer. The fluid color thus becomes an evocative medium, the "lifeblood" of the work. Thus in "Infancy" that innocent world emerges away from adult pragmatism. The fairytale forest that revolves around the figure of the child is dissolved in the flow of brushstrokes and color and then clusters into a red heart in complementary contrast with the bright green. In the work "Relaxation", the sweetness of the female profile and the lightness of the dandelion flowers are charged with evocative force thanks to the circular motion of the fluorescent pink or the dripping of acid green that contrast with the low saturation blue and cerulean blues. For Ilde Bresolin, the work experiences its fullness and complexity when it is polysemic and is able to stimulate possible and different interpretations in the viewer. Each recognizable image lives in the indefinite space of the work in which the signs and the different elements interact according to their mainly evocative character.

Roberta Gubitosi artistic curator and professor of Art History


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