Giuseppe Volante

Giuseppe Volante was born in 1974 lives and works in Marianopoli (Caltanissetta). After graduating from the art institute, he studies architecture.
Volante carries out artistic research in the field of the three arts par excellence, painting, sculpture and architecture. His artworks, especially in painting, use a poetics that draws on Metaphysics, Surrealism and Abstractionism.

- In 1993 he participated in the Youth Project with the art institute, entitled "ART OF TOLERANCE LOOKING FOR".
- In 1994 he participated in a collective of painters in Caltanissetta,
- He participates in the International Opera competition "Praesepium Historiae Populi", 2001/02 edition, obtaining a Special Mention.
- Participate in the crib contest in Caltanissetta organized by the Stella Azzurra association, obtaining the first prize in the specific section.
- Participates in the "Pisa 2003 Prize" at the La spina Art Gallery.
- He exhibits some works at the "Cardella Art Gallery" of Ribera (Ag).
- He exhibited in May 2003 at the contemporary art exhibition, at the Forlì fair,
- Participates in the art exhibition "Platea d’estate 2003", in the municipality of Tuglie (Lecce).
- In October 2003, he participated in the competition for the San Crispino International Art Prize in the municipality of Porto Sant’Elpidio (Ascoli Piceno),
  obtaining the merit of artist recommended by the jury.
- Participates in the International Opera competition "Praesepium Siciliane", 2002/03 edition, Cefalù (Pa), obtaining an Extraordinary Special Mention
  for the "message" nativity scene, made in Marianopoli in December 2002.
- In 2003 he took part in the "Les Noveau" event, at the Golem Caffè D’Arte in Bologna.
- Participates in 2004 in the "VitArte" event, at the Viterbo fair.
- Participates in 2004 in the competition of ideas entitled 10x10 monumental sculptures for the municipality of Novara.
- Participates in a collective painting in 2004 at the Art Diffusion Center in Palermo.
- Participates in 2004 in a collective of painting in Alba Adriatica (Teramo).
- In 2006 he participated in a collective painting held at the Marino Arte art gallery in Caltanissetta.
- In 2008 he participated in a painting competition at the monumental complex of the former Novitiate of the Crociferi at Kalsa, Palermo,
  organized by the RICERCARTE and EMIRO ATRE of Palermo, obtaining the first prize.
- Participates in the "Travel Notes" Contemporary Art Exhibition held at KVBKB "Centrum Voor Artistiek Talent" in Ghent (Belgium)
- In 2010 he participated in the "Union of Art" exhibition at Palazzo Pottino in Petralia Sottana (PA).
- Participates in 2010 in the "ImmaginaArteinfiera" exhibition, Reggio Emilia fair.
- Participates in 2010 in the collective painting, at the Passapartout Gallery in Bari
- Participates in 2011 in the painting exhibition "OpenArt 2011", Sale de Bramante in Rome.
- In 2012 he participated in the ARTE PADOVA 2012 review with the Queenartstudio association
- Participate in the IL SEGNO 2012 award in Venice Palazzo Zenobio obtaining a special mention
- Participates in 2012 in the painting exhibition "Parallel Realities" at the Zamenhof Gallery in Milan
- Participates in 2013 in the collective "Art at the ramparts" of Brindisi
- In November 2013 he participated in a collective painting in Rome, at the "Il Collezionista" Gallery
- Participates in 2014 in the collective of painting in Caltanissetta at the Banca del Nisseno with the Nisseno Michele Tripisciano Artistic Club
- Participates in the 2014 ARTE PADOVA 2014 exhibition with the ExpoArt Fatti d’arte association
- In 2014 he participated in the 7th International Biennial of Art of Ferrara at the Estense Castle with the Pro Art association of Ferrara
- He exhibited in 2014 at the Idearte Gallery in Ferrara
- Participates in the 2014 Mondadori ART AWARD and the work of him and one of the finalists of the award
- Participates in 2015 in the RomArt Biennale in Rome, at the Fiera di Roma
- He exhibited in February 2016 at the Art-Time Gallery in Udine
- He exhibited in 2016 at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, on the occasion of the 40 finalists of the 2016 Mondadori ART AWARD


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