Francesco Toniutti

Francesco Toniutti was born in Bollate (Milan) in 1964. He studied stage-designing at the Accademia di Brera with Rodolfo Aricò. He is married, has five children, works and lives in Bollate. He has exhibited his work since 1992 in several galleries and public spaces. The following art critics have, among others, expressed an interest in his work: Flavio Arensi, Andrea Beolchi, Paolo Biscottini, Maurizio Cecchetti, Luca Fiore, Giuseppe Frangi,  Marina Mojana, Domenico Montalto, Alessandra Redaelli.

Main exhibitions:

Galleria Palmieri, Busto Arsizio, text in the catalog edited by Maurizio Cecchetti, personal exhibition 1993

Galleria S. Fedele, Milan, personal exhibition 1993

Villa Ghirlanda, Cinisello Balsamo (Mi), text in the catalog edited by Andrea Beolchi, personal exhibition 1997

Selected Premio Morlotti, Imbersago, 1999 and 2000

"Personae"  review on Italian figuration by the Institute of Art History of the Catholic University of Milan, Fiera di Rimini, at the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, collective exhibition  2000

"Signs and looks"  Humanistic Library of the Incoronata, Milan, text in the catalog edited by Flavio Arensi and Domenico Montalto, personal exhibition  2001

"Status Symbol"  Spazio Vita Milano, text in the catalog edited by Giuseppe Frangi, personal exhibition  2004

"With love"  Openspace Arengario Milano  edited by Marina Mojana, collective exhibition, 2004 Paintings for an exhibition, curated by Flavio Arensi, Cultural Center of Milan, personal exhibition  2006

"Who do you think I am?"   edited by Cecilia De Carli, Cloisters of the Catholic University of Milan, collective exhibition  2007

“The sentiment of the city”  Galleria Previtali, Milan edited by  Alessandra Redaelli  2008

“Entroterra Italiano”  Galleria Entroterra, Milan edited by Alessandra Redaelli  2008

"Traveling"  Museo Diocesano Milano, edited by Paolo Biscottini, personal  exhibition  2010

"Secondary roads"  Borromeo Castle by Corneliano Bertario, catalog edited by  Alessandra Redaelli  2013

"Qui, in alto"  Spazio lumera, personal exhibition,  edited by Luca Fiore  2014

"Swallow us, take us away  Galleria"  Urban Center, Milan, personal exhibition  to celebrate the 150th "Galleria Vittorio Emanuele" Anniversary, poetic text in the catalog of / by Davide Rondoni, 2015

“In time”, Spazio Lumera, Milan curated by Paolo Biscottini, personal  exhibition   2017

"Sguardi"  Villa Vertua Masolo, Nova Milanese, curated by Paolo Biscottini, personal  exhibition  2019

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