Enzo Cattaneo.

I am a graphic designer, I live and work in Alba, the capital of the Langhe, in Piedmont. Work activity and artistic passion occupy a large part of my existence. So graphics and painting have always been mixed in my being. However, it was only from 2021 that I entered the world of art in a professional way. From the artistic point of view I am self-taught, while in the working one I attended and graduated from graphics schools. I can say that from a young age I was attracted to drawing; I have always been more fascinated by images in its various forms such as painting, drawing, photography or sculpture than words. So for me, creating a drawing or a painting has become natural, almost a need, a spontaneous gesture in response to the solicitations that everyday life places on me and, certainly, it is a therapeutic gesture. It is my instinctive, most immediate response, the one that best expresses my feelings, my emotions and is the truest way of dealing with both the real and dream world. When I wear the artist's clothes I don't have a predefined style, but I love to "play" with shapes and colors in their essentiality, also making use of different techniques fused together. My aim is to give substance to my emotional perceptions, passing from one world to another without prejudice but following a pure primordial instinct, often in an ironic and jovial way, aware that every sign and every color background develops not only in those who but also creates in the viewer different momentary emotions that transcend the image itself in its ordinary meaning.


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