Daniele Albatici.

1950 - Ravenna, November 20, date of birth

1969 - Diploma of Master of Art at the Art Institute for Mosaic in Ravenna
1973 - Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna - Sculpture address

After school he did various jobs, from manual to intellectual and / or educational ones, alternating with periods of travel, while continuing to always have a close relationship with research and artistic expression. Since 1984 he has definitively entered the world of school, to devote himself to teaching sculpture at the Art School of Ravenna.

This whole period is characterized by the distance from the art market, a choice due to the desire not to be a victim of it and to preserve one's independence and freedom.
In the last twenty years of teaching, also out of respect for the artistic research of his students, he suspended his figurative activity to devote himself to music, registering with the SIAE as a composer and composing various pieces as an author of music and lyrics and also putting pieces of the Divine Comedy to celebrate a Dante Alighieri who has also investigated and shared through various pictorial works.

Only at the end of his working adventure, free from the constraints of his students, did he return to the road full-time figurative art, as can be seen from the list below of the exhibitions held.
He loves working with landscape paintings en plein air, still lifes from life, and when he creates figure works he alternates the study of models with research based on the works of the past.
He lives and works in Ravenna.



November 24 - December 8,  2021

Municipal Art Gallery “Molinella” - Faenza
(Seventh centenary of the death of Dante Alighieri)
Exhibition "The Divine Word"

Daniele Albatici in his artistic career has encountered the reinterpretation of the Divine Comedy several times. This artist, born and lived in Ravenna, could only meet Dante on his way through the streets of this Byzantine city. Albatici had a dialogue with the great poet, indeed as he used to him, he listened without interrupting Dante's poetry and philosophical disquisitions.
In Daniele Albatici's paintings there are the syntheses of this encounter, a déjà vu of his conscious-unconscious, he continues this poetic dialogue and goes beyond, putting his own feeling, the Christian Catholic culture, the unwritten poetry, but described with colors and symbols. Albatici's paintings are stories that go beyond the historicization of the Divine Comedy, they are suggestions felt with the mind, as the Christian faith is the intermediary of him.

To understand these paintings one must stop like the traveler at the source; close your eyes and listen to the choral music expressed by the brushstrokes. The angels, the sheep, the branches of the trees, the sudden changes of the skies, these are the protagonists of the choir. Daniele Albatici when he has the brush in his hand makes it move through the soul, like a contemporary Beato Angelico.

Giuliano Vitali

May 5 - 21   2017 - Speyer - Germany
Exhibition at the Städtische Galerie Speyer Kulturhof Flachsgasse
"Daniele Albatici, an artist between reality and fantasy"

Art, painting, is an existential question for Daniele - it determines and shapes his entire life. He is fully aware of his own creative abilities. Creating art and working with art is not a pastime, but a vital need for him. Therefore, his identification with the idea of ​​Wassily Kandinsky: (I quote): “The true work of art it was born "from the artist" in a mysterious, enigmatic, mystical way. By detaching himself from him he assumes a personality of his and becomes an independent subject with his own spiritual breath and a concrete life. Become the breath of being. (The spiritual in art, Kandinsky).

Because fascinated by this idea, Daniele has been artistically engaged since his teens. And in his native Italy, he finds in the old masters numerous models that he recognizes and that guide him in the search for him. Anyone who has been to his hometown of Ravenna cannot escape the splendor of the mosaics in his churches. Here the image of perfection, the sky, is drawn through art. The sacred becomes visible and fascinates the viewer, even the non-believer. These impressions deeply affected Daniele.

It was with this awareness that the painters of German Romanticism and especially the Nazarenes painted their works. Art was for them a revelation of the divine, a word of God to men. Artistic creativity and personal religiosity went hand in hand and it is no exaggeration to say that art and creative activity was a kind of cult for them. Daniele Albatici will immediately agree to connect them, as his faith and art are welded into a single unity. ... we see landscapes emerging from nature, and still lifes made in the laboratory. Naturally, the painter dedicates it to the Ravenna environment, which is surrounded by large wetlands. Spectacular scenes with waterfalls, popular tourist destinations, fishing huts with large stretched nets, pine forests, wetlands unfold in the images of various formats. A very realistic, objective, oriented style of painting reflects carefully composed still lifes, in which natural objects, fruit, shells, are combined with vases. Daniele is a friend of harmonious peace. No cars, no chimneys, no cars, no industry disturb the peace of nature and things.

Franz Dudenhöffer, Director of the Städtische Galerie in Speyer

April 1 - May 12    2013

Ravenna, Sala Ragazzini, Church of San Francesco

The “Divine Word” Images
Albatici's brush and pencil give life and color to Dante's verses which in their sequence build an itinerary of salvation that leads from the forest to the Truth, represented at the end of the path by the tables dedicated to some moments of the Gospel. In this evocative itinerary, the Ravenna aspects highlighted once again by the earthly paradise and by the figure of San Pier Damiani, represented here together with the icon of the Greek Madonna at the time venerated in the house of Our Woman in the Hadrian's lithium, must be grasped

Not surprisingly, among the figures of Paradise, the figure of San Francesco emerges, to whom Albatici dedicates a table to remember the decisive role that the children of San Francesco had in the well-known story of the stealing of Dante's Bones, jealously preserved and returned to city. Albatici passes with ease from chromatism to black and white, always going back to grasp the meaning of the lines to make him stand out in all his strength.
This exhibition is a tribute to Dante in Dante's city and at the same time an invitation to keep the flame of the cult of the Poet and of his work always burning. Every visitor should identify with that Dante who is at the entrance to the "dark forest", certainly not to find confusion and fear, but to draw the courage to undertake the arduous journey towards the Truth, a particularly significant invitation because it is addressed precisely in this 2013 that Pope Benedict proclaimed the "year of Faith".

Franco Gàbici, President of the Dante Alighieri Society of Ravenna.


List of exhibitions (starting from 2011, after the end of the working career):

- 19 February / 5 March 2011 at Cortesi violin shop, via Ponte Marino 9 Ravenna (formerly Chiesa di San Giacomo) Personal exhibition with opening concert dedicated to “Dante Alighieri, un non-EU citizen in Ravenna ". Daniele Albatici voice and guitar, Didi Maglioni guitar, compositions by Daniele Albatici based on texts by Dante Alighieri in the form of a play (

- 30 July / 21 August 2011 Personal exhibition at the Premilcuore Visitor Center.

- 3 December 2011/7 January 2012 Personal exhibition at the San Francesco Cultural Center, Forlì.

- July 2012 Personal exhibition at Loggetta Lippi, Piazza Santa Maria, Bagno di Romagna.

2013 National Competition on the Eucharistic Miracle in Bagno di Romagna, 2nd Prize (oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm, "The Emmaus Supper")

2013 Painting competition "Riccardo Biserni" in Corniolo, 1st Prize (oil on canvas, 35 x 45 cm "Chiesina di Corniolo")

-1 April / 12 May 2013, at Sala Ragazzini, Largo Firenze, Ravenna, personal exhibition "The Divine Word" on Dante Alighieri, with opening concert "Dante Alighieri, a non-EU citizen in Ravenna". Elisa Stinchi vocals, Daniele Albatici vocals and guitar, compositions by Daniele Albatici, texts by Dante Alighieri ( Pittura_p Paintescultura__197.aspx).

- 30 July / 21 August 2013, at the Visitor Center in Premilcuore, personal exhibition.

- 23 August / September 2013, at the Versari Theater in Portico, personal exhibition on “The Divine Comedy”.

- 8 May / 8 June 2014 at the Dante Museum, Ravenna, personal exhibition "Who is this man who goes without death to the kingdom of the dead people?"

- 16/30 April 2014, at Palazzo Rasponi, Ravenna, collective exhibition with artists from Ravenna and Speyer (ancient city of Speyer in Germany)

- 18/31 August 2014, Personal exhibition at Loggetta Lippi, Bagno di Romagna.

- 2015 for the Marian Sanctuary of the Church of Collina di Pondo (Santa Sofia) 4 canvases:

Annunciation, oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm - Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm - Ascension, oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm - The Resurrection, oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm.

- 21 August to 5 September 2015, at Galleria Sandro Pertini in Santa Sofia, Exhibition personal exhibition "Dante Alighieri 750 years after his birth". Opening concert “Dante Alighieri, un non-EU citizen in Ravenna ". Daniele Albatici voice and guitar, Lorenzo Zaganelli on double bass, Matteo Maida, compositions by Daniele Albatici, texts by Dante Alighieri.

- 2016 for the Church of the Redeemer of Ravenna 4 canvases:

Christ mocked. oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm - Crucifixion, oil on canvas - 100 x 150 cm - Deposition, oil on canvas - 100 x 150 cm - Resurrection, oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm.

- 5/21 May 2017 at the Stadische Galerie in Speyer, Deutschland, personal exhibition "Between reality and imagination". “Finissage” concert on May 21st on “Dante Alighieri, un non-EU citizen in Ravenna ", with Klaus Haag narrator, Daniele Albatici voice and guitar,

Martin Hug on guitar, lyrics by Daniele Albatici and Dante Alighieri, the song "Virgin Mother" from the 33rd of Paradiso sung in German with the title Jungfrau Mutter.

- June 2017, Personal exhibition at the Blaue Tur for the Speyer Kulturnacht

- 2 November 2017 inauguration of the Via Crucis created for the Church of the Redentore of Ravenna (Nullo Baldini district), 14 canvases of 40 x 50 cm.

- 6 December 2017/30 January 2018, Personal exhibition at La Contessa Restaurant, Santa Sofia.

- 24 December 2017/13 January 2018 Personal exhibition "Impronte" at the Sala del Chiostro in San Mercuriale, Forlì.

- Realization of the Palio del Niballo 2019 (St. Peter surprised by the crowing of the rooster after having betrayed Jesus), oil on canvas - 73 x 300 cm.

- 2019 Collective exhibition at Galleria Farini, Bologna, written by Azzurra Immediato.

- 2/15 October 2019 Personal exhibition "The divine word" on the Divine Comedy, at the former Bubani shop, Piazza del Popolo, Ravenna.

- 2/15 September 2020 Personal exhibition "Dante's journey" on the Divine Comedy, at the former Bubani shop, Piazza del Popolo, Ravenna.

- November 24 - December 8 2021 Personal exhibition "The divine word", on the seventh centenary of Dante's death, on the Divine Comedy, at the Molinella Municipal Art Gallery in Faenza.

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