Cristina Fornarelli.

Cristina Fornarelli is a contemporary figurative artist.

Cristina was born in Bari, in Southern Italy where light and colors have influenced her art.

She lives and works in Rome and she has always loved to tell and investigate the intimate world.

Her figures, whether goddesses or ordinary women, painted and colored in a pop key embody the ideals of contemporary women. Her works are an evolution and are the synthesis of years of research.

Her figures look to the natural world and to their most intimate and profound part, through which they tune in, slow down and rediscover the creative force!

In the latest production "the classic pop" the mythological figure acts as a bridge between experience and the cosmos, between everyday life and a cosmic dimension. The search for the origin of the feminine in myth, as opposed to a constantly changing world, where aesthetic canons become an almost unattainable and ephemeral chimera, the myth itself allows us to question ourselves and also provides us with answers that implement the imagination, recovering the past, or rather the history of what we have been, evolving it into what we are today.

The search for universal beauty and its sacredness represented by classical statues does not change over time, unlike the ephemeral and fast aesthetic canons and the inclusion of nature embodies eternity, a constant and immutable repetition that brings us back to the sense of beauty universal.

In the artworks with elements of pop culture, the artist tries to combine universal beauty with a part of irony unknown to classical beauty by humanizing the figure of the myth, probing various types of intimate human beings.

 In all her artworks, her brushstrokes skilfully glide on the canvas with explosive colors, where the juxtaposed color pixels create images that perfectly reflect the speed of the times we live in and where the same color pixels make up the whole just like the pieces of our lives!



   IAAF Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey. Neoartgallery/curators Giorgio Bertozzi and Ferdan Yusufi

   Collaboration with the Mazzoleni Foundation

   Collaboration with Maurizia Art Gallery AIPLC, Velletri/Genoa

   Collaboration with galleria93artecontemporanea, Prato

· 2021

· Biennial of contemporary art of the Murgia

  Forlì contemporary art fair, Neoart Gallery

· Collaboration with the Artistica Gallery, Forlì

· IAAF Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey. Neoartgallery/curators Giorgio Bertozzi and Ferdan Yusufi,


  Personal Exhibition "The Art of Investing in Art", Banca Generali Private / curator Vito Caldaro, Forma4 gallery, Bari

· Permanent at Banca Generali Private headquarters, via Calefati 50, Bari

· Human Rights international event, Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, Rovereto, Trento; with the Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism; Trentino Region/ Curators

  Debora Salardi and Roberto Ronca

· Collaboration with Galleria Spazio Cima, Rome

   Bergamo Contemporary Art Fair/Ess&errE Gallery Rome


· Collaboration with Laboratorio Acca, Arteinvestimenti Milano TV channel.

· Collaboration with Galleria Beaux Arts, Siena, Italy.

· Three-person show Female art, at Hubris art gallery, Rome

· CalifArte group exhibition/ Ess&errE gallery/ curator Roberto Sparaci

   Genoa contemporary art fair / Ess&errE gallery, Rome

   Pordenone contemporary art fair / Sangiorgioarte art investment house, Bari


· Personal exhibition "Le Stanze del tempo", Multipurpose Theater AncheCinema, Bari, Italy

· Collaboration in Sardinia at Luxury villages / PerCapita art gallery, Modena.

   Pordenone contemporary art fair / Sangiorgioarte art investment house, Bari

   Casa Idea fair in Rome / Latina gallery, Rome Italy.

   Fair House MOA Rome / Latina gallery, Rome Italy.


· Collaboration with the Carrè d'Artistes gallery, Berlin, Germany.

· Summer exhibition in Sardinia, PerCapita art gallery, Modena.

   Affordable Art Fair Milan / Galleria Carrè D'artistes.

   Genoa contemporary art fair / Gall'Art gallery.

   Varnish Fair Forlì/ Neoartgallery gallery


   Human Rights international event, Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation, Rovereto, Trento, with the Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism; Trentino Region/ Curators

   Debora Salardi and Roberto Ronca;

   Group exhibition Forms and perceptions / Mazzoleni Foundation, Bergamo.

· Collaboration with Carrè d'Artistes, France / Milan gallery.

   MoaCasa fair in Rome / Latina gallery

   Paint Forlì contemporary art fair, Neoartgallery gallery/curators Giorgio Bertozzi and Ferdan Yusufi, with finalist work for the Koinè prize.


   Collaboration with Sangiorgioarte art investment house, Bari.

   VI edition of the Synthesis project, Bursa, Turkey; 2015/ curators Ferdan Yusufi and Giorgio Bertozzi, NeoArtGallery.

   Contemporary art fair Genoa / Neoartgallery, Italy

   Affordable Art Fair Singapore/ Palma Arte Gallery (PC).

   Affordable Art Fair Convention and exhibition center Hong Kong/Galleria Palma Arte (PC).

   Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam/ Palma Arte Gallery (PC).

   Affordable Art Fair Singapore/ Palma Arte Gallery (PC).


  International Human Rights event, Rovereto, Trento, Italy/Curators Roberto Ronca and Barbara Salardi; with the Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism; Trentino Region.

  Winner of the Women in Rebirth competition; tribute to Alda Merini / Artistic Director Elena Ferrari, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, Italy.

· Secret Garden international event, Villa Vecchia Doria Pamphilj Museum, Rome, Italy / Curator Viviana Vannucci; Neàpolis Association with Patronage of the Lazio region, Rome Capital.

· International event Quintessences Abbazia di San Nilo,, Grottaferrata, Rome, Italy/ Curators Giorgio Bertozzi and FerdanYusufi, Neoartgallery

· Artistic collaboration/gallery Horizons contemporary art, Ostuni, Brindisi, Italy

  MoaCasa Fair Rome/Latina gallery


  Collaboration with Vittoria Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome

  Group exhibition at the Embassy of Egypt, Rome. Curator Dr. Carmine Expert and Dr. Viviana Vanucci

  Collective of Roman artists, Romart, Circolo Ufficiali d'Italia (Palazzo Barberini). Curator Viviana Vanucci

  Exhibition in homage to Alida Valli, Galleria Borghese di Mentana, Rome

  Participation with painting for DAMS auction house, ROME

· Human Rights international event, at the Ex Convent of the Franciscan Friars, Specchia (LE). Curators Roberto Ronca and Barbara Salardi; with the Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism; Puglia region

· Participation MURART Bari; exhibition in the streets of the city center, promoted by the Department of Culture of the Province of Bari, Puglia, Italy.

  Reggio Emilia Fair, Italy NeoArtGallery Gallery

  MoaCasa Fair in Rome/Latina Gallery.


· Walls, metamorphosis and surroundings, Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapienza University, Rome / curator Prof. Sergio Rossi

   Participation Fiorenza Sorbelli Galleria Mondrian Suite Rome prize / curator Klaus Mondrian

   finalist Massenzio Arte Roma / commission: Ennio Calabria, Massimo Rocci, Anna Romanello, Maria Francesca Giambi, Alessandro D'Ecole, Carlo Lorenzetti.

· Finalist of the SaturaPrize international competition, Genoa / curator Dr. Mario Napoli

· Collective Plastic (he)art, PassepArtout Unconventional Gallery, Fiera Milano Rho-Pero / curator: Dott.ssa Elena Ferrari

  The Big names in Contemporary Art, Galleria Lagostiniana, Rome / curator: Daniele Radini Tedeschi finalist in the Saturarte international competition / curator Dr. Mario Napoli

  Reggio Emilia Fair / NeoArtGallery Gallery

  Padua Fair / NeoArtGallery Gallery

  Istanbul Fair / NeoArtgallery Gallery

  MoaCasa fair in Rome / Galleria Latina

  Genoa Fair / Galleria Satura


· "Instantanee" personal exhibition / RED Gallery, Rome

· Artistic collaboration with Galleria Latina, Rome

· Massenzio Arte competition, finalist work, Rome / commission: Ennio Calabria, Maurizio Chelucci, Alessandro D'ercole.


· The toy, Zagarolo museum, Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo (Rome) exhibition and special mention for certificate of merit / curator: Dr. Francesco Zero Publications

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