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ArtOnline20 is a startup born from the idea of two entrepreneurs from Alzano Lombardo (BG), Simona Occioni and Bruno Tanzarella, both passionate about Art and Design.

Simona Occioni, co-founder of the Mazzoleni Foundation of which she is now President, has gained twenty years of experience in the art world, since 2002 she has been curator and artistic director of important contemporary art events in Italy and abroad.

Bruno Tanzarella is an entrepreneur, expert in strategic marketing and one to one Networking, he has developed the Preca - Brummel clothing group and several other companies where he was manager and shareholder, he was co-founder of Art Events and today he is also a partner and consultant in 6 other startups.                                                                                                                                                                          

Resilience: Thinking Positive to overcome difficulties

We know that from a negative event with the VISION, the CREDO, the DETERMINATION, new values ​​and ideas can be born.

It is with this awareness that, from early February until the end of August 2020, we worked with a team of engineers, 8/10 hours a day, to set up ArtOnline20, our and your international instant e-commerce platform. of works of art.

The entire retail sector will undergo a radical transformation and therefore we had to make a significant and urgent investment to allow collectors, the public, and industry professionals to continue to experience the art they love with less costs and more comfort.

We are sure that our commitment will quickly give great results, projecting ourselves among the main players in the sector.

Our initiative, which has already been studied since 2019, accelerated in the face of the serious inconvenience caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that overwhelmed the economy of almost all industrial sectors worldwide during the year 2020.

Hence a serious crisis with the temporary closure of retail (including the Art Galleries) and the suspension of all collective events, such as national and international fairs.

ArtOnline20 is the first Instant e-commerce platform in the Art sector, Instant Commerce is represented by a "winged i" that appears next to the online gallery, guaranteeing the end user the effective availability of the works that are searching the web.


The Mission of ArtOnline20                                                                                                                                                                              

ArtOnline20 promotes cultural events, not only with internationally renowned artists, but above all also pays great attention to the artists of the New Generation, following them in their process of artistic and professional evolution.

During the year it organizes a series of exhibition events in public and private contexts of great prestige, also addressing an international audience.

All our Events are advertised in advance on Social Networks and will also have a digital catalog presented on the platform, thus allowing each of the artists to increase their visibility.

In addition, even customers, who will not be able to attend the Event, will have the opportunity to purchase the works exhibited online from the day following the inauguration.

Every month, to keep alive contacts with collectors and avoid the inconvenience of travel and the dangers of crowding, ArtOnline20 presents Virtual Galleries as an alternative to traditional external events.

The architectural project of the virtual gallery provides for the creation of modern and contiguous spaces that interconnect smoothly with each other, enhancing the works on display. It will be a unique experience for art lovers, a new virtual way to participate in events and experience the works on display.

This will generate a strong interest in the Virtual Galleries because Collectors will be able to visit them at no cost, with more safety, more comfort and without time limits. They will find the Biographies of the Artists with all the data of their works on display that they can, if they want, buy them immediately.   

Social Commitment

ArtOnline20 is also involved in social work with the Mazzoleni Foundation with which it organizes charity initiatives in favor of some destitute families.

ArtOnline20 was born in Alzano Lombardo, the epicenter of the pandemic, and its founders want to dedicate a heartfelt thought to the families of the victims and a heartfelt thanks to the heroic health workers and to all those who worked every day with generosity challenging the Convid-19 to guarantee the services to citizens and in particular to those most in need.

A dutiful thanks to the engineers Alessandro and Massimo Ferrari and their Team who designed the ArtOnline20 Platform working in symbiosis throughout August with our Team from Alzano Lombardo and in particular with Alena Kavalenia and Gloria Mazzoleni.

Thanks also to all those artists who, by granting us their trust when the ArtOnline20 platform did not exist yet, helped us get our project off the ground.

Ad Astra per Aspera   in the fascinating universe of art.


Bruno Tanzarella                                                                        Simona Occioni

 Founder and President                                                              Founder and Art Direct

 ArtOnLine20 s.r.l.                                                                         ArtOnline20 s.r.l




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