Carlo Lanini.

Carlo Lanini was born on August 20, 1949 in Poppi, a small village in the province of Arezzo.

From an early age he showed a marked predisposition to drawing and painting as he himself narrated "people a few years older than me remember when, at just over four years old, kneeling on the sidewalk of the house or on the landings of the condominium stairs , I drew and colored everything "; then one day, the artist still says, "I had the opportunity to see a box with squares of watercolors; there were over forty colors and it seemed such a wonder that I was enchanted for a good half hour ". Since then he has started painting and has never stopped.

In 1969, at the age of 20, he participated in the Paolo Uccello painting competition in Pratovecchio (Arezzo) and won the first prize. In 1975 he held his first solo exhibition in the imposing structure of the Conti Guidi di Poppi castle.

The important events in his pictorial career, with over fifteen hundred works in oil and as many drawings, take place every ten years.

In 1995 with the first Carlo Dalla Zorza competition at the Ponterosso Gallery in Milan. 1027 artists participate and Carlo Lanini is first selected among the best 50 artists participating in the exhibition and then awarded in the top five with a fourth place.

In 2005 he began an important collaboration with Italarte of Rome, whose owner Pino Purificato is the son of the well-known painter Domenico Purificato.

In 2015 he started working with Orler Gallerie di Venezia which selects him in the group of artists of the "Affordable art" program

Between one event and another there were many personal and collective exhibitions that led the artist to present his works in Italy, in Arezzo, Florence, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Parma, Perugia, Borgo S. Lorenzo, Cortona , Sansepolcro and abroad, in Paris and London, in Austria and in the United States.

Since 2003 Lanini has opened his painting school in Poppi where he teaches those like him who are art lovers and eager to paint.




1969  Group exhibition, Pratovecchio (Arezzo) first prize ex-aequo "Premio Paolo Uccello"

1973  The 60s and 70s of Italian painting Studio d’Arte edition, Piacenza

1975  Personal exhibition Castello Conti Guidi Poppi (Arezzo)

          The Nation, chronicle of Arezzo, 4 September

          Collective exhibition, Civitella Val di Chiana (Arezzo); special mention Civitella Val di Chiana

1980  Praxis Artistica edition Omega Arte Srl, Rimini

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          Collective exhibition “The moment of things” Lanini Art Gallery, Poppi (Arezzo) leaflet published

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           Maggi Giovanni art gallery, Arezzo

           Montmartre Auction House, Parma

           Mouvances Gallerie d'Art, Paris

           Appointment as corresponding academic, art section of the International Academy of Greci-Marino Verbano Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences of Vercelli

2000   Anita Miller DBA The Artist's Roost, Worthington, OH-USA

           Maggi Art Gallery, Arezzo

           Mouvances Gallerie d'Art, Paris

2001  Personal exhibition of the artistic circle of Arezzo, Arezzo

          Collective exhibition "Forms of thought" April 7-June 2, Castello dei Conti Guidi di Poppi, (Arezzo) catalog published

          Maggi Art Gallery, Arezzo

2002  Exhibition of selected works, Gianna Lanini exhibition laboratory, Bibbiena (Arezzo)

          Exhibition of selected works, Poppi school of painting, Poppi (Arezzo)

2003/2004  Exhibition at the Municipality of Bibbiena (Arezzo), Poppi school of painting 22 December 2003 - 11 January 2004,

2004  Permanent exhibition "Casentino Landscapes" Bibbiena (Arezzo), acquisition of a work by the museum

         Start of Italarte collaboration, Rome

2005  March / April personal exhibition at Italarte Rome, Lungotevere Portuense

          Collaboration with ELDEC S.p.A., Rome

2007  Collaboration with the Arco Cortona Art Gallery (Arezzo)

2008  Great retrospective personal exhibition in the exhibition space of the personal studio, Poppi (Arezzo)

2009  March 14 - April 11, personal exhibition Galleria Rielaborando, Arezzo

          Publication on CHERRY DIAMOND “Missouuri Atletic Club”, USA

2010  Collective exhibition Collective exhibition Gallery of Contemporary Art - Palazzo Giorgi (former district court), Poppi (Arezzo)

          15 - 19 May Trialogo group exhibition Palazzo Giorgi, Poppi (Arezzo) in collaboration with Kunst / team

           6 - 27 July Trialogo exhibition 2nd phase Galleria Rielaborando, Arezzo

2011   9 - 14 February Cultural Association "I 2 Colli" collective exhibition

           17 - 21 March “ARTEXPO AREZZO” catalog published

           March 20 - April 23, collective exhibition Center of Art and Culture TORRESTROZZI, Perugia

           28 April - 1 May Azenta Spring Fair, Graz (Austria)

           Collective exhibition "gesture / space / body" the drawings of Radar Galleria Rielaborando, Arezzo

           17 July - 19 September, Collective exhibition “the passions of free time”, Ponte a Poppi (Arezzo) catalog published

           29 October - 13 November, Personal exhibition Palazzo Pretorio Sansepolcro (Arezzo)

           Pro-Loco Lucignano Association reporting on 1st painting prize

           Mention 3rd national competition CHIMERA ARTE AREZZO Catalog published

2012   January 1 - 31, Collective exhibition Galleria Rielaborando, Arezzo

           5 - 25 May, Personal exhibition "... ..not just drawings ... but only figures ... .."

           Rielaborando Gallery, Arezzo

           2 - 23 September, Personal exhibition in the Mercati exhibition space, Sansepolcro

           4th national competition CHIMERA ARTE AREZZO

2013   Collective exhibition “the art of engraving and the practice of drawing compared” Carlo Lanini e

           Roberto Lanari Gallery Rielaborando, Arezzo

2014   Great retrospective personal exhibition sated exhibition personal study, Poppi (Arezzo)

2015   4-27 September, Collective exhibition at the Are Orler Gallery; Punta Ala, Gosseto

           Collaboration with Orler begins

           2 - 30 October, POPPI DEPOSIT OF ART Castello dei Conti Guidi di Poppi (Arezzo)

           12 - 24 October, Group exhibition Toscana Cultura contemporary artists of the Casentino Palagio Fiorentino Stia (Arezzo)

           October 24 - 31 Collective exhibition Tuscany culture contemporary artists of the Casentino - Palazzo Giorgi - Municipal Gallery of Poppi (Arezzo) Catalog published

            December / January, Orler Grand Bazaar of Christmas

2016   1-27 July Contemporary art exhibition Toscana Cultura - Collective Palazzo Giorgi -

            Municipal Gallery of Poppi. Ar

            6-27 August Poppi painting workshop - Collective Palazzo Giorgi - Municipal Gallery of Poppi - Ar

            23 August Subbiamo Arezzo "artists in the square"

            September Publication in Tuscany magazine - “painter by vocation” three pages with presentation

            16 -30 September "Anthropocene" - Poppi art depot No. 1 - Collective exhibition - Poppi Castle - Palazzo Giorgi - San Lorenzo - Former medieval hospital

            October 15 - November 4. Personal Exhibition - “Latest works” Literary Historical Coffee LE GIUBBE ROSSE - Florence

            19-20 October BIENNALE OF ALL ARTS OF FLORENCE 2016 - 1st PRIZE realist painting - exhibition "arms room" Palazzo Vecchio - Florence

            17 December - 8 January 2017 Collective Exhibition - “Sacred Art”. ICLAB space (intercultural laboratory creativity). Florence - Romualdo del Bianco Foundation, Duomo Congress Center and Toscana Cultura.

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