Anna Vasile

Anna Vasile lives and works in Bologna. She studied pictorial decoration at the art institute of Bari, the city of which she is originally from. Since 1972 she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and set up solo exhibitions. Versatile and multifaceted artist, in her protean creative activity she favors painting, experimenting it in all its technical and expressive potential. Since the 1980s she has also experimented with the sculptural technique, creating works in ceramic, silver, bronze and copper resin. In her artworks Vasile represents a wide range of moods, using, with mastery, a plurality of themes and expressive languages ​​in which her message of beauty is identified in dialogue with the user of the work.

Grace, beauty and dreams seem to be suspended in the female universe of this artist. In an almost fairytale atmosphere, the bodies and faces of women, cloaked in a muffled atmosphere, move. Fragments of life translated into emotions on canvas, with velvety and delicate colors, as if to consecrate and reaffirm its solid presence but also its fragile precariousness.

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